Abako (Pidgin series) – 4

abako - pidgin series

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To sleep that night go taya Mama Tasty, she sabi that one. Which kind things dey happen this period, she dey tink to herself. Na true say Timo dey follow bad pipu, but this na the first time she dey hear say dem arrest am, talkless of say dem fit kpai am.

Well, e fit b say e friend dey over-talk the thing; that na wetin Mama reason. Person no dey use their talk take do something. Whatever the matter be, she know say Timo go fit arrange himself back.

But all these na small distraction for the main matter wey dey trouble her. As day dey break every day, she dey grow for her urge to find who abuse Shaba. She get soft spot for the craze woman.

As Mama reach house that night, fear no let am talk wetin she experience for road. Her husband don first warn am about late night; the man don even threaten to lock up the restaurant because of her late coming. The truth be say Mama dey trouble herself; her husband get all the money to take care of her and the children, but Mama no be person wey sabi stay idle. Na Okona woman she be; dem dey very industrious, na wetin God take bless dem.

As she enter house, she act normal, come try relax. As she dey enter, her husband and son don dey parlour dey wait for her. Dem dey used to dey carry food from fridge wey she no dey ever forget to supply. As she greet dem for parlour, she wan try avoid eyes and enter sharply.

“Come back here!” na so her husband take shout.

She shock. The shout na the exact opposite of the way wen that Timo friend take talk.

“See the time wey u take dey return! Ehn! Tina! Na until u see wetin u dey find, u go hear?” Him eyes show faya as e dey yarn.

Mama dey used to am, she dey always prepare for am anytime she return late.

“I dey sorry… Customers no gree finish… Abeg make una no vex.” That na Mama normal line wey she dey use, and her son, Michael almost follow am recite the reply for him mind.

Michael na small pikin but na only for age. Wetin the small boy know pass am wella. Na Mama last child and na only him dey stay with her for house. Rita and Jude wey senior am don comot Abako tay-tay. Mama like this last one pass, sake of say him sabi help Mama with work and him no dey complain. Na pikin wey dey do both woman work for house.

One day like dat, dat na the first time wey Mama go come late, she no remember put food for fridge. As Michael don dey reason say time don dey go wella, the boy quickly go begin cook rice. Before their papa return for night, Michael don serve am food. When he ask of Mama, Michael tell am say Mama escort person go out. He quickly go wait for Mama for road, then escort her enter house. This na one of the reasons wey make Mama no dey use am play.

“Ehen… Mummy, how far your second pikin, Shaba?” the boy come later ask him mama.

“E be like say your head no correct, Michael! Wetin u use that one mean?”

Michael laff small. “No vex. How far, any news? Person tell me say he see am almost naked today.”

“You say? Who be the person? For where?” Mama no fit hide her urge.

“Na my friend, na for school wey dem go play ball dem see her.”

Mama no talk anything again. She gats go check community school tomorrow go know weda she go see Shaba for there. She na mother and she come begin reason how life be for her when she get Michael belle – the pains and all wey she encounter and how she take use CS take deliver Michael that fateful day. She begin reason the help and care wey she receive from her family and friends, but that no stop the pains, talkless of Shaba wey no get care and help, wey no dey feed well and wey dey sleep for yeye place. The thing make tears begin drop from Mama eyes; this life no really fair, as pipu dey talk am.

But the thought no last long. She never cry well when her phone ring. Who come be this one wey dey call this night, she dey talk for her mind. Worse be say no be number wey she store for her phone.

“Hello who be dis wey no fit wait make morning reach before e call?”

“Mama Tasty, na me, Mama Angela. Abeg no vex say I call by this time, but e dey urgent.”

“Ah! Mama Angela! Wetin hapun? Hope u dey well o?”

“Yes o… Hmmm. Caleb just call me now, he say dem just kill two pipu for front of our shop line! He say he don go report for police now already.”

“Ewo! Nawa o! Wetin dey happen for dis our Abako, eh?! Who dem kill o?!”

“Dat na wetin I no fit ansa abeg… Tomorrow we go know… Bye-bye!”

Written by Chuky One Pilla

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