A Bleeding Rose!

A Bleeding Rose!

Bleeding RoseI cry ,Like the rain drops from the skyI ask myself whyShould I let my tender heart dieI’m brokenEvery time my heart is openedThe shards of the pain ripping me apartFor my misery has awokenLonely meWhere is thy walls that be?Shattered; who shall attend thy plea?For helpless is all I feel.To love againI see no gainTo be one againIs a work in vaneScaredOh how I am scaredMy wounds will never healHurtful words you saidKeeps me awake at nightIt’s the symphony in my headDepressionWeighing me downLike bricks for a crownOh all I have now is reasons to frownBut No moreNot for anyone will I ever fallNot for anybodyNot now, never at allFor I am the bleeding RoseRipped of my petalsNow you will feel my thornsFor Hell knows no fury, like a woman scorned.

About Author: Oju Omamogho( Oma for short), Cool (handsome) guy like that in Unilag, studying physiology.


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