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The next day the Don didn’t complain when I got ready to go to work but his disapproval was so obvious I had to give him a reassuring kiss promising to be back early. I was about walking out the door when I remembered the Ghana must go filled with money.

What do we do with that?” I pointed at the bag.

It’s yours baby but before you have it you have to agree to quit your job and be with me 24/7, then I’ll have my driver drive u straight to the bank to deposit in your account

Here we go again.

I still don’t understand why you want me to quit. After all I left my home to be with you and remember this wasn’t part of the plan. This wasn’t what Bosco told me from the start

He got up naked like the day he was born with an early morning erection.

Things have change. Plans have changed

And why have they changed?”

Please sit down” he tapped the bed

I looked at my watch before sitting down

I use to have different girls here every day. Whichever of my house I’m staying at, whatever country I’m in, I always have girls with me every day. I love sex. Sex is like the air I breathe. You see Nancy I’m a nympho.”

My eyes shined bright. You don’t say!!! No wonder, I said silently.

When I’m deprived of sex I start feeling sick and having these trembling through my body like a drug addict not given his regular fix. And since I had this injury and you came around all I’ve wanted is you. You are so good at what you do. I find myself not needing other women but just you. So I want to do anything to be with you all day

I kind of understand what he was going through. Addiction was a difficult thing to get rid of. I know it can be treated though

I don’t care how much it will cost me baby, I need you. My body needs you. My dick needs you. I’m a very rich man. You don’t have to work. I’ll give you anything you need; a car, a house, I’ll top up your account with 3 million naira just agree to be my mistress. Be at my every beck and call

It was tempting, very tempting but then I can never be free. I’ll have enough money, I’ll dress fly, have a car, but the Don will own me. Besides, how long will I be his mistress?

And how long will this arrangement go on?”

Whenever I’m in the country I’ll need you with me. You’ll be my escort, you’ll move in with me. Then when I’m gone you can go back to living your life but while I’m around I’ll need you with me all the time. That’s the reason why I don’t want you to work because you won’t have my time. I can establish you into any business you desire to venture in. You want a pharmacy? I’ll get it done, the license and everything you need. Baby I have the connections. You prefer a boutique? Just say the words and it’s done. I just need you to take care of junior. He is always hungry and needs to be fed. He needs a nurse to cater to him thereby making him feel well again.”

My head was swarming with the thought of so much wealth to be mine if I just say yes. Goodbye to living from hand to mouth, goodbye to my cramped apartment, goodbye to jumping buses, goodbye to working 7 to 6 and goodbye poverty. I felt like break dancing. But I couldn’t ignore the tiny voice in head saying no to a well packaged kind of slavery. Still the slavery was tempting, very tempting. I need time to think about this.

I stood up from the bed, gave him a peck

Sweetie I’m running late. We’ll talk more about this when I get back. By then you’ll have my answer

I rushed out the door before he could say anything more. As usual his driver drove me to work. I was 30 minutes late but my absence wasn’t noticed by my superiors so lucky me.

Yemisi startled me as she came behind me when I wasn’t looking

“I see someone now has a permanent driver

She crossed her arms over her belly blocking the only escape entrance

Now start talking. Who is the new catch?” She lifted a finger to my lips when I wanted to lie about it

“Now don’t go telling me it’s just a friend cause that’s a big lie that won’t sell”

Ok ok…” I lifted both my hands indicating I had given up “My new boyfriend insists his driver drops me everyday

She was about saying something when someone walked in. It was Rose’s cousin, the one that had a sore on his private part. His result had shown he had gonorrhea and cancroid which was the cause of the sore on his penis. His treatment was to start today.

Hi dear. How are you today?”

I’m fine thank you

He was a very shy person, probably because he was embarrassed about his situation. So I tried to put him at ease but Yemisi always the crazy one was having none of that. She smiled at him as she walked away from the counter towards him.

Now before we start giving you the injection we’ve got to take a look at that sore one more time. We need to clean it first to get rid of any bacteria living around or in it then apply something on it

Ahhh Yemisi. That was so totally unnecessary. The injections that will be given to him was sure to kill any bacteria and help in the healing process. But trust Yemisi to try to get another glimpse of his huge dick. She ushered him into one of the rooms where we give patients injections. This was going to be interesting I sure was not going to miss it so I followed them. She noticed I was on their trail turning back she winked at me. When we got to the room she asked him to take his pants off. His embarrassment was so evident that I felt sorry for him. Well I know after this he will not be careless when it comes to protecting himself before having sex. He used about 5 minutes taking off his trousers looking at everywhere but us. He stood just there with his clean white flowered boxers while Yemisi’s eyes were fixed on the bulge showing through the boxers. I was grateful he was looking at the ceiling if not I wondered what he would have thought if he had seen what she was looking at. Since he made no move on taking his boxers off Yemisi gladly and slowly took it down to his knee region. She took his dick in her right hand after strapping on gloves looking at it closely like a scientist examining a new found specie. The sore on his dick wasn’t as bad as it was the first day I had seen it. I’m guessing it was huge back then cause of the constant wearing on tight fitting jeans that only served to make the sore worse. Since then I believed he had spent his time at home half naked or naked fanning the sore to reduce the stinging sensation. She took a bottle of the shelf, applied its content on a cotton wool then started cleaning the sore on his penis. She was doing it so gently handling it like a baby. Done with that she applied a Vaseline like substance on her palm, rubbing it on both palm before applying it on his penis. The boy took a huge breath as her hands connected to his penis.

You see darling this balm will protect your genital region from any bacteria that might have gotten stuck on your clothing and underwear” she said to him.

Then she started stroking his penis slowly as she applied the balm or whatever she had called it on his penis. It took seconds for him to become erect and when the poor boy realized with an appalling look on his face that his uncontrollable organ was erect he squeezed his eyes shut while gritting his teeth. What is wrong with this girl? And she was enjoying the whole thing, his embarrassment and the fact that he was erect. His huge penis had tripled in size because it was now fully charged and angry at interruption to its sleep and needed a release. My eyes had also tripled in size at its transformation and what this crazy girl was doing to the poor boy. She was now stroking it faster watching the poor boy’s reaction with a devilish grin on her lips. This girl can take risk oh. What if one of the doctors walked in on us? What she was doing was no longer medical but sexual. This girl was going to get us fired. I walked to the door peeping down the corridor to see if anyone was coming. There was no one so I remained at the door as a watch dog returning my eyes to what she was doing. Now the poor boy was breathing faster than usual while Yemisi was getting sexually excited and getting a kick from what she was doing. Her voice had changed as she spoke to him

You see dear, the balm has to penetrate deeply into your skin to eradicate what is ailing you, that’s why I’m rubbing it in so fast

That was a big lie. The sleazy girl!!! The boy had tried to pry her hand away from his private part but trust Yemisi she wasn’t letting go

Just relax darling that’s the way it works. The instructions says to rub it in for 5 minutes. I’ll soon be done now” and she parted his ass in a guise of reassurance but I knew it was to do more damage. The boy jerked and I could see his buttocks contracting while Yemisi increased her stroking pace. There were beads of sweat on his forehead as the expression on his face took different shades. Was she trying to make the boy cum? Immediately that thought came in my head lo and behold the poor boy gave a loud moan, wriggled freely from her grasp before offloading his cum on the floor. I was so shocked and so was the boy, the only person that wasn’t shocked in the room was Yemisi who had a sensual satisfied smile on her face.

Oh my god!!! Oh my god I’m so sorry

I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry for the poor boy who was scrambling round the room looking for something to wipe his cum off the floor. I reached out at the shelf where the tissue papers where usually staked throwing it at him. He caught it as he hurriedly wore his boxers then his trousers, got down on one knees cleaning the mess off the floor.

I don’t know what happened. I’m so so sorry

Dear, I said silently, Yemisi was what happened.

Don’t worry about it sweetheart. It happens to lots of patients too

She touched his cheek. Gosh she was now flirting with him. Can’t this girl wait till after his treatment? The poor boy was going through a lot now and he doesn’t need another sex partner to complicate things. Well who was I to say what he wants? As far as I know he might go home fantasizing about Yemisi the beautiful sexy well-endowed nurse and scheming of ways to bed her. After getting the mess off the floor he used both his hands to cover his face. Yemisi walked over to him removing his hands away from his face

Come on now, don’t tell me you are still bothered about that little incident? It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Now come here darling

She enveloped him in a tight hug pressing her breast into his chest.

It’s ok dear. You are like a brother to me

Yeah right. Bullcrap!!! Like you would wank your brother.

Now it’s time for your medication. Nancy can you please give him the injection? I have another patient to attend to” she gave him a peck on the cheek then winked at me as she walked out the door rotating her ass for the lad’s benefit.

I turned to him smiling trying to ease his discomfort.

Please sit down for a minute

He sat down while I started the usual talk session before I’ll administer the injection.

As you already know the tests have shown that you have gonorrhea and chancroid. Your treatment will involve having a single antibiotic injection usually in the buttocks or thigh if you prefer that, followed by one antibiotic tablet. Now the most important part is that your sexual partner should also undergo testing and treatment for gonorrhea, even if she has no signs or symptoms. If this is not done you’ll be infected again so I strongly recommend and advice that she does this as soon as possible. If you have any symptoms of gonorrhea after treatment these will improve within a few days, although it may take up to two weeks for any pain in your pelvis or testicles to go away completely. Attending a follow-up appointment a week or two after treatment is usually recommended so that another test can be carried out to see if you are clear of infection. You should avoid having sex until you and your partner have been treated and given the all-clear to prevent re-infection or passing the infection on to anyone else. If your symptoms do not improve after treatment or you think you have been infected again, please come back here for another checkup. Treatment may need to be repeated, or you may need further tests to check for other problems.

I moved over to the shelf to get the injection ready

Please nurse I’ll prefer the injection on my buttocks

I nodded indicating I heard him loud and clear.

I’ll give you a dose of this antibiotic ceftriaxone (Rocephin) in combination with azithromycin (Zithromax, Zmax) another antibiotic that will be taken orally. You’ll get this at our pharmacy down the corridor, the last door by your right” I quickly wrote it down for him.

I gave him the injection then sent him off to the pharmacy before going back to my duty post where Yemisi was dutifully attending to other patients. Since Nurse Ngozi was nowhere to be found I believed she must be in the operating room assisting one of the doctors. Today was antenatal classes for the pregnant women and there were about 11 of them and 4 were with their husbands while 7 were alone. I’m guessing the absent husbands had an excuse for not coming today. I ushered them into the hall where they were to sit down with Dr. Philips and the midwife.

I returned to my duty post waiting for lunch break. An hour later Ngozi joined us and the work load reduced as all hands were on deck. As usual Ngozi was on Yemisi’s case and I wondered why the hidden animosity. Yes, Yemisi was wild and carefree but she was a lively person to be with. I don’t think anyone can stay mad at her for so long. Break time was finally here and I rushed into the cafeteria. I was so hungry. I sent the cleaner to get food for the three of us; fried rice salad and chicken.

Hmmm Nancy Nancy” Yemisi hailed me “This your Maga must be paying you well oh

Stop it girlfriend. It’s nothing jor

Nothing? If I hear. For the past three days you’ve been buying us these expensive meal. Spill it girlfriend

I looked at Ngozi for help but instead she said

“Tell us na. We too need money badly

I looked at both of them then I jokingly said

Are you girls ready to have a three some? The guy will pay you girls half a million naira

Yemisi was the first person to reply. “Are you kidding me? For that amount of money I will. Piece of cake

I turned to Ngozi thinking she will decline. She paused thinking before replying

“Count me in

I was shocked. I thought she was the good one here but money was a formidable force to reckon with besides I didn’t know her too well.

I hope you girls know that you will…you know” I cleared my throat

Touch each other. Make love to each other

Yemisi hissed

That’s not a big deal na

I had to ask “Have you ever been with a woman before

Oh yes. Back in school. Been with about two girls. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a lesbian but I love doing crazy and new things

I turned to Nurse Ngozi. I’ve been suspecting for long that she’s into girls now I was about to find out.

She didn’t hesitate when she replied

The money is right so I don’t mind

Well that confirms it.

I’ve never been with girls and I don’t intend to so I won’t be in on this arrangement. I’ll be watching. So we all agree?

Agreed” they both chorused.

Now when do we get to meet this crazy guy because I can’t wait to show him what this cookie can do?” Yemisi asked.

Now what have I gotten myself into. I was just joking thinking they won’t agree to this crazy idea. I thought so hard about it. What will I do? I can’t tell them I was just joking seeing they didn’t mind. Then I had an idea. The Don was a nymphomaniac after all so there was no way he would say no to this. There was no way he could resist these two beautiful ladies with one so perfectly endowed. And this was my escape route. Once he have sex with them there was no way he wouldn’t want more especially with Yemisi that way he wouldn’t want me all the time. I smiled at the new agenda brewing in my head. Now I just need to convince the Don about this new arrangements and still get him to pay that money into my account.

Written by Tanya


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