Happy 2017 My Addiction!

Happy 2017 My Addiction! - elsieisy blog

Happy New Year Elsians!

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to blogging – thinking of new posts, looking for content, sharing links and reading feedback from you. I never knew this type of addiction existed until it hit me.

While typing the last post for 2016 on this blog, it was battle for me to type the last line – “See you Jan 9’. It took me 5mins to finally type that and hit publish. I asked myself what I will be doing for 7 days without blogging. A friend and colleague already encouraged me to take a break at the beginning of the year for 1week, I told her ‘I will try’ and try I did. It wasn’t easy. I kept on thinking of you guys. Sometimes I see a post worth sharing on the blog, pick up my laptop then slowly tell myself it’s not yet 9th of January. Thank you all for being here.

So, How Did I survive?

Surviving is what I do… I had to channel my ideas and thoughts to my personal Instagram page – @elsieisy . I posted more on my Instagram page and of course, on Facebook. It wasn’t the same but it felt good to transfer all the energy somewhere. If you are not following me on Instagram yet, then do so, I intend to share a lot more there and maybe cause small trouble. LOL (Do remember to also follow the blog Instagram page – @elsieisyblog) But will expand on posts I share on the page for the blog.


Yea, we are here and it’s the 9th already. We will be fine, I promise. Like I said on the last post for 2016, this year will be daring. I intend to talk more, write more, go out more, have more fun and meet more people. So help me God.

But more importantly, the blog will give you so much more and accommodate you more. More relationship articles, opinions and daring observation from myself and every other awesome contributor on the blog. Also, the lovely series from awesome writers resumes this week. Sorry the blog festival made us miss them all but then, we sure did have fun. More features from poets and writers all over the world as we feel the dynamics of creativity.

Have you started working towards your set goals and plans for 2017? It’s not just about setting them and praying but about working towards achieving them and getting ready daily for that big break.

Remember to join me on radio every Friday at 9pm for Crux of the Matter with Elsie on Happenings Radio. It promises to be more fun, revealing and educating. Also catch up with Heart Matters if you are in Lagos state, Sundays – 10pm on 96.1FM.

I hope to read more from you this year. Your contributions are highly welcomed. To have your works and opinion featured on the blog, click HERE for details.

For advert, promotions and features; do send an email to Elsieisy@gmail.com

Cheers to an awesome 2017

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