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Hi Lovers and Haters 😀 , I got someone (@seungore)  who is passionate about the female gender to do this. Most of his followers on twitter can testify to this, and if you doubt me, Check his Timeline and Favorites on Twitter. Its his first writeup, so please be nice and don’t forget to tell us what you think.

How does a write up start sef? Kinda confused *Covers face*. Never done this before, but thanks to a sudden challenge from Elsie Godwin (@elsieisy) am having my first write up.

What a great way to start by talking about the Strength of a WOMAN. Honestly, I’ll be very straight, truthful and blunt. That’s what I’m known for by the majority, isn’t it? Being very openly biased while supporting the feminine gender, using the social media (twitter) in fulfilling such desires. Why wouldn’t I? Having a selfless mother, is the greatest blessing; a magnificent privilege. Furthermore, I will be sentimental by picking this very unique aspect of Womanhood as my title: THE MOTHER.strength of a woman

Ever witnessed a scenario where there’s a heavy rain pour with a mother and her kid(s) probably stuck under a bridge or just hiding in front of a building (obviously homeless). Her 1st instinct is to protect those kids from any kind of possible Cold, Catarrh, and Pneumonia etc. Now, Most peeps would ask “Who Told Her To Put Herself & those Kids in that situation?”, my reply usually is, “Did she ‘Sex’ herself to Bore them in the first place?”. Yeah! My reply is in the normal Nigerian culture of answering a question with another.

It’s quite sad and very perturbing to see women acting as the “Holy Trinity” of a Family; a micro community, and most men don’t even act like those kids and the woman exist. This occurrence is so pronounced even in the most crucial stage of the Child(ren)’s lives, which is the teenage years to the early adult stages.

95% of Women receive all kind of unnecessary insults (home and abroad), even from strangers when their kids are especially when seeking a favour on the child(ren)’s behalf. However, an average African man’s ego detest such insults, after all a bad child is the mother’s own. He would never stand an insult from a stranger just to earn his child(ren) a favor.

Let me explain how unique & priceless a woman (Mother) can be when things get to the extreme regarding her seeds. In a Nigerian University (Name withheld), an aged and illiterate mother once left her comfort zone (home) to go and her boy a bag of cocoa for him feed on for the semester (they were not rich). On arrival, her son told her she will have to labor an extra year on farms and on building sites. A Male Professor in his Geology department had refused him a supposed due mark to cross over the Failure Grade; he supposedly scored (39F).

After a lot of persuasion on bended knee, the boy agreed to let his mother beg the lecturer on his behalf. He didn’t like the idea.

“Oh! How I Wish she didn’t go plead”. She openly begged this lecturer in the presence of virtually most students, lecturers, passerbys, since the department was situated in a very centralized location on campus. All efforts were futile; it fell to deaf ears of Mr. Lecturer(a man). Dude did his extra year & graduated with the grace of God.

*Bless God, he is now an highly-placed Director in one of the Top Oil Multinational Coys in the country*.

Let Us be Honest here, how many of our Men (Fathers) even go check on their kids in the (4 to 5 + x)years they spend in various institutions, not to mention knowing and understanding the pain, ordeals, and trials they pass through in the mouldy hands of shady lecturers. Can anyone share in the pain they don’t understand? Can they (men) possibly sympathize with you on such matters that they aren’t aware of or deaf to?

What am I even saying sef? While going to school ehn, maale would be the one to prepare, and carry all the stuffs (food stuffs and clothings) you will need. In most cases, she’s performing such duties simultaneously for your siblings. Yet she would rarely use it as a reminder, but compared to men who will shove it down your throat especially if you are a female child.

Apart from the Grace of the Almighty GOD. You & I can’t deny this, it is the prayer of a mother that keeps most of us going in all spheres of life; even when we have our own families. Have heard quite a number of guys say this: “The Moment he lost his mum, it just became necessary to have a woman (wife) in his life”. This shows we men can hardly deny the essence of having a wonderful being, such as a woman here on earth. Even GOD knew we (Men) will be incomplete without their existence, that’s why Eve came forth.

Is it the Trauma and pain of Child Labor or the uneasiness of menstrual pain they (women) live with, and yet they stick to the responsibility most men flee from the moment they hear a lady say “I’m Pregnant”. Or the fact that she rarely let that deter her from being an achiever of her own goals in life, while still nurturing your existence to fulfill a purpose. Some men will tell you of how that will ruin their career.

All I’m basically saying is that NOT all WOMEN are PERFECT or even close to being PERFECT, but the truth be told. They DESERVE SO MUCH MORE of our (men) RESPECT. In fact, they shouldn’t strive to earn that it, we should serve it to them on a Platter of Gold.


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  1. God bless you. My mum I adore for her sacrifice and selflessness I salute you maami.My wife , oh what will I say of that fragile frame that bore three big boys for me within five years! I respect you wify, is it her propensity for bearing pains or her …Words may fail but you are a real God given blessing to us all you boyz myonlybunmi.Thanks Seun for this piece

  2. Just wonderful. I owe everything to my mother who has been both a mother and a father to my siblings and I. IYA NI WURA jare

  3. My Mother is my EVERYTHING…saying I love her is an understatement to describe the feeling!

  4. Thanks Alot Guys, Really Appreciate your comments so far on this issue that best shows how great the Existence of Womanhood is in the life of mankind

  5. A wonderful piece I must say esp comin 4rm an African man……a woman/mother is to be treated wv respect n greatly valued…they go thru a lot 2 keep dia home/family 2geda……No one z perfect buh still Iya ni wura,my mother z a rare gem……..Nice one Seun

  6. Nice and beautifully composed. I’m proud of the women in my life and I have nothing but absolute LOVE and RESPECT which they unreservedly deserve.

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