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John stood on a spot as he watched Adenike storm into the house.

Deji walked back to John on hearing Adenike’s screech, and watched her walk past him in a mood that denoted resentment.

“Guy, how far? What’s happening?”

“I don’t know. She just suddenly switched off, yelled at me and dashed inside.”

“What do you mean you don’t know? You never told me she had any mental challenge.”

“No, she doesn’t. I only told her about my conversation with Betty and she lost it. I mean, is she really mad at me because of the possibility of me having a child with Betty?”

“Are you asking me? Na me you dey ask? “Deji snapped back at John.

“No, not that I am asking you. It’s just that I didn’t expect such from her.”

“I guess she acted impulsively, she is a lady, its normal. All na love.” Deji blurted out as he resumed laughter all over again

“Must you laugh at everything? Are you sure you are not the one with a mental problem?” John retorted, wearing a straight face.

“But chill o, I thought you said she has a child already and you accepted to be a father to her child?”

“Yes, Deji. Yes. You now see why am baffled. Even though I am almost very sure Betty was just bluffing.”

It was a long silent drive as John went to drop Deji off. He was confused and devastated. He pulled up at Deji’s house, and said his goodbye. As he ignited the car to set out, Deji broke the silence cautiously,

“Hey man, I know you are kinda pissed and disappointed. You feel she should be able to stand by you even if it’s true you have a child with Betty. I understand. Yes you accepted her in the same situation, but you need to understand that she doesn’t have the same inner strength as you do. I am sure all along she wouldn’t have imagined the possibility of what you just told her. I think she just feels bad. It looks like you are leveraging on the fact that she has been in a similar situation. Coupled with her thinking she came out clean with you as soon as she could, but you kept it away from her this long.  That’s what I think man; you should handle this with composure, and remember she is also carrying your baby. She will definitely come around, don’t be hard on yourself, accept her in open arms and talk to her when she’s calm.” He reached out for his hand and gave him the brotherhood shake, letting him know how much he’s got his back, and headed for his apartment.

Adenike went into her room without talking to anyone. Her mum tried to find out what went wrong but couldn’t. She tried to do same the following morning, but Adenike just didn’t say any other word except “Amen” during the morning devotion and “Good morning” when she greeted her parents. Pamilerin’s holiday visit to her grandma made it easier for Adenike to have some time alone.

She remained gloomy and resented all day at work. Everyone could tell something was wrong.

Adenike was lost in thoughts before a familiar voice brought her back to reality.

“Nike, what is the problem? Are you okay?”

She looked up to see Mr. Davidson, the HR personnel standing right in front of her desk.

“I think you should take the rest of the day off. And please, try to sort out whatever the problem is before resuming tomorrow. We sincerely prefer the Nike we use to know to this stranger I am staring at.”

He said wearing an impish smile as he walked away. He abruptly strolled back again and added,

“Oh, and whatever it is you are going through, be rest assured that someone has it worse. Think through it well and make the right decision. Don’t be irrational. Well…I don’t know what it is but I feel those are the words you need to hear. Have a nice day lady….o better still, you can have tomorrow and resume on Monday. It’s weekend already.”

Adenike checked her wristwatch; it was just 1:45pm. She thought of going to see Blessing but changed her mind and headed straight home.

Her mum’s worry increased when she saw her daughter home earlier than usual. Adenike went straight into the room again but this time her mum wasn’t backing down. She followed her right into the room before she could get a chance at locking the door.

“My daughter, what is wrong? When did I become a mother that you can’t talk to? Haven’t I tried enough to make you know that you can confide in me no matter how bad it seems? Adenike o’n se mi o – you are offending me, and it hurts. oku ki n fara pamo fun eni to ma sin o – a dead man doesn’t hide his nakedness from the one who will wash him.”

“I am sorry mum. It’s John.” She replied as she sat on the bed with a teary eye.

Oko mi, what is it? Is John alright?” Her mother asked, paying intense attention to every word her daughter blurted out

“Mummy he is fine. John told me last night that the lady he used to date called him to say she has a child for me.” Nike went ahead to explain what John had told her.

“From this narration, nothing is certain yet. So what did you say to him?” Mama Nike asked,

“I told him to stay away from me. I even told him he is exactly like his mother. I don’t know how I feel now. I think I overreacted and said things I shouldn’t say to him, but at the same time, why would he keep that away from me? Although he is not sure and…”

“And what Adenike? You just said he’s not sure. He hasn’t even see her. Nothing is confirmed yet. That alone should let you know he isn’t lying about this. If he intentionally kept this away from you then I don’t think he will bring it up now. He would have waited till after the marriage before bringing it up. Think Adenike, stop being irrational”, her mother responded

“Now, you are sounding like Mr. Davidson.”

“Does he know about this?”

“No mum, he just used words like that while giving me the day off because of my mood.”

“Oh! So you see the need to be gentle about this whole thing. You need to see John and apologize to him. “


Long day at work it was since John practically did nothing on Wednesday; it took toll on his Thursday activities. He got home really tired and was already getting tired of not hearing from Adenike the whole day. He decided to call her and voice out his disappointment, hoping that will give him a better night rest compared to previous night. Just as he picked up his phone to dial her number, he heard a knock on the door.

“Who could that be?” He thought to himself as he dragged his tired self to open the door.

“Betty? What are you doing here? Who gave you my address?”

“Never mind. The important thing is, I am here now. I missed you John. I….”

“Hold it there. Missed who? Anyways, it’s normal to miss people, dead or alive.”

“Talking about the dead, I miss my late husband too. May his soul rest in peace”, she said as she did the sign of the cross.

“You look good for a widow you know.” John said as he checked her out.

She turned a 360 so that John could have complete look of what he might be missing,

“You can say that again. I didn’t kill my husband, I have mourned him, and so life goes on. The real question is, when do you want to meet your son?

“You must be out of your mind. What son? When you left you never told me you were pregnant, all you said was that you were going to get married to the man of your dreams. Remember that?”

“Yes, I do. But that doesn’t change the fact that I was 2weeks pregnant for you. I gave the child to my late husband. It made him the happiest man on earth. Now that he’s dead, I think my son should know who his real father is. Don’t you think so too?” she said as she made herself comfortable on the cushion and continued

A knock on the door interrupted their conversation. John opened the door and it was Adenike.

John move back inside and Adenike followed suit and she apologized,

“Baby I am sorry, I didn’t mean to act the way I did. I didn’t mean all those thing I said. Please forgive….”

She paused at the sight of a lady sitting comfortably on the cushion. Unperturbed!

“John! Who is this?” She inquisitively queried!

Episode XI


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