Zebra Crossing

How many of you understand the meaning of a Zebra sign? How many of you slow down while driving at the sight of the Zebra crossing?

Zebra sign is a road symbol for pedestrian crossing and it is being used around the world. Its distinguishing feature is alternating dark and light stripes on the road surface, from which it derives its name. A Zebra Crossing typically gives extra right of way to pedestrians. It doesn’t mean “Stop/slow down when you see a Zebra”.zebra-crossing-l

Many of us understand the sign but just don’t care. We dream of a better Nigeria, we hope for a better Nigeria, we point fingers on the Government/Leaders daily. Have you asked yourself who these leaders are?

You and I are.

The President, Governor, commissioner, Chairman, senator, DPO, traffic official, etc. are not ghosts but humans like you and I. If you can fail in a simple responsibility (obeying a traffic rule), stop dreaming of a better Nigeria. You are a cankerworm.

All you care about is yourself, the fact that you are in the comfort of your AC fitted car and how soon you can get to your destination. Every other road user doesn’t exist. That is selfish! What if that pedestrian is your friend or family?

Therefore why should you complain when our so called leaders act selfish too and think of themselves and their selfish ambitions?

Probably some still don’t understand what it means, so I’m hoping this will explain its meaning to you in simple English.pedestrain crossing

According to my good friend, ‘Wiki’, A pedestrian is a person traveling on foot, whether walking or running.

Remember, A PERSON, not an animal.

Having understood the meaning of the Zebra crossing sign, let us try to observe it. If you are reading this article and you don’t drive or own a car, try to educate the next cab man that drives you or even a friend dropping you off. There is no need rushing overly, we will all arrive at our destinations. Let’s make our road a bit more comfortable for everyone in the little way we can. In doing so, you might be saving a life. Patience is indeed a virtue.

Here are some driving rules to help ( http://www.trafficsigns.co.za/rules-of-the-road.php ):

KEEP LEFT, THE GENERAL RULEDrive as far left as possible unless you are overtaking. Don’t encroach on the right side of the road obstructing oncoming traffic.


When a road has been divided into two or more lanes by means of an intervening space such as a painted island or by a physical barrier or traffic island, keep to the left of that barrier unless otherwise directed by a traffic sign or ordered by a traffic officer to use other lanes.

Never cross those barriers or islands except through an opening or at a cross-over or intersection.


  1. Overtake slower vehicles traveling in the same direction on their right
  2. You may overtake:
    1. If a road sign or marking does not specifically prohibited overtaking.
    2. Only when it is safe without obstructing or endangering other traffic.
    3. and when you’ve activated your indicators.
  3. You may not overtake:
    1. When approaching the summit of a bridge, rise or hill.
    2. When approaching a curve.
    3. If visibility is restricted.
    4. A vehicle which has stopped at a pedestrian or railway crossing.
    5. On the shoulder or verge of the road.
    6. At any intersection.
    7. When a solid barrier line or road sign prohibits it.
  4. You may overtake a slower vehicle ahead of you when on it’s left when:
    1. That vehicle is turning right or signalling to turn right.
    2. The road is a one-way and wide enough for two or more lanes of traffic.
    3. The road is divided into two or more lanes.
  5. When overtaking stationary vehicles:
    1. Reduce speed.
    2. Watch out for passengers getting in or out of the vehicle.
    3. Look out for pedestrians trying to cross the road near the vehicle.
  6. When you are being overtaken:
    1. Move to the right side of the road as far as possible.
    2. Do not accelerate.
    3. move into the right lane if it is a multi-lane road.

CROSSING OR ENTERING A ROADYou must not drive across a road or enter it unless the road is clear of traffic for a sufficient distance so that you won’t obstruct or endanger cars coming from the left or right.

When you are driving in a road divided into lanes, don’t turn from one lane into or across another lane unless it can be done without obstructing or endangering other traffic and after you had signalled clearly.


If you want to stop, reduce speed suddenly, turn or change lanes you must give a clear signal,  visible to other drivers approaching from the front, rear or from the side and for long enough to warn other motorists of your intention.


Turning left:Before reaching the point where you want to turn left, keep as far left as possible and indicate your intention to turn left. And when you do turn, merge carefully with the other traffic.

Turning right:If you want to turn right and you are on a road with lanes in both directions, drive as close to the middle of the road as possible without crossing over into the opposite lane, indicate that you want to turn right and then turn without obstructing or endangering other traffic. If you want to turn right at an intersection you must not encroach on the right half of the road into which you will be turning or on the road from where you are turning, except in the intersection itself. You must at all times pass to the left of any traffic island or comply with appropriate traffic sign ordering you otherwise.

Turning right from a one-way road:If you are in a one-way road you must drive as far right as possible approaching the turn off but take care not encroach on the right half of the roadway into which you are turning. Again pass to the left of a traffic island or comply with appropriate road traffic signs.

Turning into a one-way road:If the road you are turning into is a one-way then you may encroach on the right half of that road.


  1. You must stop your vehicle;
    1. In compliance with any traffic sign or order given by a traffic officer in uniform
    2. At the request or on the signal of a person leading or driving animals.

Click here for more rules

God bless Nigeria!

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  1. This is an educative piece of material. Really. I’ll spread this as much as I can. The change we all want starts from us..individual by individual. Nice to the asphalt, Elsie.

  2. Nice &educative post. How u will most taxy drivers in ph wuld come across dis post.

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