A Guy’s Dilemma IV


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Morning came around with Adenike and Pamilerin all in John’s mind. He smiled, said a prayer and next, he was dailing Adenike with a bright beam in his face. He thought it would be a good idea to go see Pamilerin since he had nothing doing for the day, so he asked if he could see her. Adenike gladly said yes and she opted to come to his place but He said no, that he would rather prefer visiting her. So they set an appointment for noon.He prepared the file he needed for his Monday morning meeting and got set to leave for Adenike’s place. He stopped by at the supermarket to get a Toy for Pamilerin “Cute little girl” he thought, as he got her a fluffy pink teddy bear…

After an hour and a half of fierce typical Lagos driving and traffic wahala, he finally saw Adenike and met Pamilerin, an intelligent jovial and friendly young girl, full of life. Pamilerin and John bonded nicely and talked like they had known each other for a while. John was treated to a very sumptuous meal of Amala with Ewedu + Gbegiri along side Goat meat. His day was made. Pamilerin Loved the Toy and Adenike still felt she was dreaming.John couldn’t meet Adenike’s parents because they went for a wedding and he left before they got back.

They took one trip around the sun and John asked the question on their one year anniversary. As for the answer, your guess is as good as mine. He put a ring on it and decided to tell his mum that he finally has a woman to marry. He spoke to his mum about her without mentioning the fact that she had a child. Not that he was trying to cover up or that he feels his mum would not accept her, he just didn’t see the need to tell his mum about Adenike’s daughter, at least not yet.

John’s mum was happy as expected and a Saturday was fixed to have lunch with John and Adenike. The plan was to get to meet Adenike for the first time and know what her intended daughter-in-law looks like and how she acts.On this particular Wednesday morning while John was driving to work, listening to “Morning drive” on Rhythm Fm, the Combination of Omalicha and IK always made his Wednesday morning coupled with the music being played at the moment “Black magic – Repete”He was pulling over at his office when his phone rang, he checked his phone and saw an unknown number. He picks up.Hello……aaaaaaaah!!! Deji my guy!…..when did you get into Naija na?…..wow! we gats hook up tonight. I will call you after work so we could see. I hope i can reach you with the number?….. alright my guy, later.

Deji happened to be John’s best friend, they practically grew up together, went to same secondary and tertiary institution. They were that close and it rubbed off on their families too.Deji traveled out of the country six years back for his Masters Degree, got a good job after his Masters and stayed back.They met up later that day, talked about so many things, caught up with old times and of course about Adenike. He invited Deji to the lunch of Saturday so he could also meet mum after so many years. There was just this thing about John, he never mentioned the fact that Adenike has a daughter to anyone.John called his mum to inform her of the additional August visitor, she was really excited because she has always seen Deji as the other son she never had.


Saturday came and for some funny reasons known to us all, Deji got to the house before John and Adenike. (for those that don’t understand, ask the married ones what makes them get to occasions they attend with their wife very late). Deji was all settled in, having a nice chit chat with John’s mum while they waited for John and the Wife to be.After about an hour, John walks in with Adenike. While John was exchanging pleasantries with his friend, John’s mum went straight to Adenike and hugged her. Adenike was filled with Joy and anxiety then prayed her soon to be mother-in-law would be as nice as she seemed.Just as Adenike looked up to see who this friend that John has been talking about was…..She froze, her feet went cold and she fainted……………

Episode V


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  1. Interesting twist. I guess Deji will be the run-away father of Pamilerin!\nStill hoping not & keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. D write up has jux started. Y did u av to sto there.make a brand twist n lemme c,I don’t want to believe dt pamilerin’s father is back

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