7 Ways to Pleasure Your Man Without Penetration

7 Ways to Pleasure Your Man Without Penetration - elsieisy blog

Thank God it’s Friday Elsians!

Fridays on here is the day we are allowed to discuss anything on sex and our sexuality. I am sorry I haven’t been keeping up due to plenty to do and because I have to research most times to add to my own few years of experience, updating the sexual discussion takes time.

Thankfully, I am part of a secret group on Facebook where everything Sex and the Nigerian woman are discussed as the group name implies. I was added to the group by a woman I envy her level of knowledge on most issues of life – Sally Kenneth Dadzie and I must say, I am learning too. Do find her on Facebook and request to be added to the group if you are open to these discussions. Terms and condition apply though.

A member asked for help on ways to pleasure a man without penetration and trust to get articulate response in the group. Personally, I engage in number 2, have an idea of number 1 but not sure I have the appropriate skill required, 3 isn’t new, the fourth one seems kinda weird and for number 5, I need better training. LOL

See 7 ways to pleasure your man without penetration below:

1. Sensual massage:

Using massage oils or just plain coconut oil, massage his entire body, slowly and lightly. Working too hard on the muscles can make him sleep. Rub, lightly use your fingers. Touch his sensitive spots. Nipples, ears, neck, tummy, inner thighs, bum and finally end with a hand job

2. Dry humping:

With your clothes on, dry hump each other. Your ass to his crotch. Him on top. You on top. Touch. Kiss. Hump till he cums. Yes, some guys can cum like that.

3. Oral sex:

Give him a blowjob. And also let him pleasure you. 69 is not a bad idea.

4. Mutual masturbation:

Masturbate together until you both cum.

5. Striptease:

Torture him slowly by dancing and taking off your clothes gradually. Give him a lap dance while at it.

6. Erotica:

Read erotica to him. Watch x-rated movies together.

7. Kiss:

And lastly, kiss, kiss, kiss! Kiss his lips, neck, chest, tummy, bum, thighs… Nibble, bite, suck, kiss.

If you have more, please drop in the comment section. We want to learn.

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  1. I know you are talking about FIN! *kisses *
    I have a blog too but I lack the inspiration and idea to keep updating regularly. For now, I just have 4 posts. Any tip on what might help?
    Nice work you’re doing here.
    I see you Sis.

  2. I do All Except 1& 4 I dnt Know how To Massage & .Hubby Dos Not Come Without Actual Penetration,he is not dat Kind of Guy. Tnx 4 Educating Me Dou

  3. Well i hope after trying everything mekwe will end it lass lass because its just like loading a gun without shooting it when the game is at sight. And just a suggestion, ur signature pose image on twitter shoulb on the name of ur blog. ??

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