6 Types of People at the Cinema We Can’t Stand

6 Types of People at the Cinema We Can't Stand - elsieisy blog

One way I try to catch fun weekly is by seeing a movie at any of the cinema my spirit directs me to. Abi how else can I catch fun in this fun killing country? Although, cinemas have been void of interesting movies lately but I shall survive as I wait for Mentally and Hakkunde to hit the cinemas.

But this is not about Nollywood or Hollywood, this is about you and I…you know? How we behave in the hall. I am among the set of humans who enjoy being by themselves and doing things alone without feeling lonely or left out. The good part of this is me having the time and space to notice every single noticeable bad behavior around. So imagine my elation when I stumbled on this perfect description of human bad behaviors in the cinema hall by Laide Olabode on Instagram – @exschoolnerd. Oh she did justice…

Below are 6 Types of People at the Cinema We Can’t Stand:

The Comedian

The Comedian (1)

The CoupleThe Couple

Kinght in Shinning Pangolo

Knight in Shining Pangolo (1)

The Wakajugbe

The Perambulator (1)

The Question Asker

The Question Asker

Mr. or Mrs. I-still-think-I-am-inmy-parlour-at-Mafoluku

Mr. I still think I am in my parlour

Catch your sub and repent!!!

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