#BlogFest #50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 8, Written by @omobabapension“Money is the root of all that is evil”Being ambitious is not a crime, in fact it’s a very healthy thing for you as a being to set new goals after the former one is broken, only that by nature all humans are born lazy and it is with education (formal and informal) we get to carve our destiny and give ourselves a feeling of importance to our being alive. We all want to rule the world one way or the other, for some daily bread is enough, for others (myself included) 1 or 2 or chain of bakeries is enough. It should be noted that nothing ever happens in your comfort zone. Comfort zone is the space you occupy when you are most comfortable i.e. lazy or idle. You don’t hustle in the comfort zone, it’s either

  • reminisce about your achievements or
  • you dream of your next goal or
  • You waste away imagining how you would spend a Ghana Must Go bag of money you find.

 Now 1 and 2 are usually for the employers and the ambitious employees, while 3 is for the non-ambitious employees, lazy retards and our one and only junkies, who would rather raise their stakes in Baba Ijebu and/or Sports Betting than come up with a more lucrative way to increase their incomes. You want to enjoy the good-life then it is without doubt that the COMFORT-ZONE must be abandoned, when you need a break or reach a checkpoint/goal, treat yourself to some COMFORT-ZONING and flexing. At the end of it all in the words of OREZI “what is the need of having all the money and you no fit jaiye (have fun)”. This paragraph goes to the “Success Readers”. These are people that can buy and read any book that has the keywords “How, Make, Success, Rich, Millionaire” as the title i.e. from ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ to ‘27 steps to becoming a millionaire’. All the time spent reading thes books would have been spent productively towards building your dream or towards a set goal, but in the stead, you spend money you don’t have building a library that can’t be passed on and you go ahead to drink garri. The sad thing about these books is that the authors had achieved nothing (all they did was to observe the world), took on the world, and ignoramus yous (all of you) made him/her a millionaire (without practicing a thing in his/her book). Well guess your kids will be in their SS classes and you’ll still be glued to your books with nothing to show for over 20years of your life. Another class is the “Success Nodders”. These ones can attend seminars, workshops, programs where there are Motivational Speakers (Fela Durotoye etc) present. They have a higher education with enough quotes to make a poor man commit suicide in it, whereas their heads are always bubbling to at the end of a quote/point from the speakers. These fellas will never tell you how to make ends meet, they only amplify your day dreams and you will be in a world of your own where you think and believe you are Bill Gates and yet you owe your landlord for 8months and when he comes knock you arm yourself with “you know say money no be problem” quote. I’ll drop some knowledge for everyone who wants to work for the sake of a better living. 

  • You spend money to make money. You have a business plan/idea and need a prototype to show potential investors, if you can’t afford it at that point, please get a job or a source of income which will keep you afloat and at the same time finance your prototype/project. No one will blindly invest without seeing your readiness, so get off your lazy ass get a job, capital won’t fall on your laps.
  • It’s okay to lose money. You win some and lose some, anyone who tells you otherwise is either a reader or a nodder.
  • Take the risk. It’s a 50/50 chance it works or it doesn’t work. It’s okay to take risk.
  • Make sacrifices. Understand that your idea/project will consume a lot of your income and you might switch/miss meals so you can keep it going.
  • Be patient. Don’t expect your ground zero idea to just start yielding dividends. It takes some a year or 2 and some a day or 2 also. Whichever yours is, just wait for it.
  • Make mistakes and undergo serious research based on your business. Seek help when and where necessary; take notes of every mistake they help in your development.
  • If by chance after all this you fall on the other side of the 50/50 chance, take your experience and put it into something new or you could write up a CV and get a better job

 I can guarantee you no author, billionaire, and speaker will tell you any of these.God Bless Your Hustle. SafeOmobabapension – www.omobabapension.comFor inquiries, send mails to or tweet at @elsieisy

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