6 Things to do while SINGLE


Being single is not a disease neither is it a plague. The fact is, it is very important to be single for a long or short period of time – This period is one which I would love to tag the “self-realization period”. You think you can’t survive being alone? You think there must be a major manly figure (asides you Dad) in your life for you to be seen as normal? You need to think again. Your life can’t be that boring or useless (maybe).

Here are some few steps to survive and enjoy your single period:

1)  Love yourself

Loving one’s self is very important to even the chance of you having a good relationship with the opposite sex. How do you love someone else when you have not loved you? Being single should be the time you work hard enough to understand yourself to an extent. Understand your wants and needs, your likes and dislikes. This would help you accept you for who you are and most importantly define how to want to be treated with the golden rule in mind – ‘do to others what you want to be done to you’. Do not forget to spoil yourself though. 😉

2)  Acquire knowledge

Knowledge is power. Knowledge breeds wisdom. Knowledge sends ignorance to a concealable state. Read a book (Online or offline), take a course, get a degree, have more alone thinking time (not worrying). Try learn something about a wide range of things, you can’t know all but be knowledgeable (well informed, well read, etc.). You don’t want to look too ignorant or ill-informed when having a conversation with your partner or worse case – you have no answer to the questions your unborn children will reel out. Trust me when I say the millennium children are way too smart. Smart up or you become their object of jest.

3)  Build a career

Your single period is the time for you to climb the career ladder. Building a strong foundation for your career can be achieved even while with the right partner so why not make it even sleeker and smoother now that you are single. Do a lot of research, study the successful predecessors in your field, research on the major market share holder in that dream business of yours. Go on research vacations if you can afford it. Put your brains into work, the good thing is, you can’t utilize your brain capacity in a life time – it will always be under used (except you consume some CP4 though…..LOL don’t mind my movie side talking).

4)  Hang out

Girls’ night out! Men’s hang out. Solo outing! Do it all. A time will come when you won’t have as much time as you do now for all these. A time will come when your hang out will be minimized to just going for weddings, anniversary parties, my neighbor’s child’s birthday party and stuffs, office parties, fund raising, business seminar. (Well, except you have a husband that’s all fun going or a wife like me…..yes!)

Have fun while you still can.

Be happy, young man, while you are young and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth. Follow the ways of your heart and whatever your eyes sees………….

5)  Explore your sexual and flirty side

Yes o!, it’s exactly what you see. EXPLORE YOUR SEXUAL AND FLIRTY SIDE. Learn how to use your body language, be in control, and enjoy your sexuality. Know what pleases you and talk about these things with your friends and matured people around you. Get experience. While flirting please shine your eyes and don’t let Mr. Right pass you by o. anything can happen.

6)  Make friends

For me I see this period as a time to build real friendship. Especially with the opposite sex. Asides from sex, there are other qualities to watch out for in real friends but At least you would be sure of those that wants to hang around you just for the sex and the ones who truly cares – the ones who would stick around even without sex. Then I will leave you to bother about other qualities. They would be your friends not mine na. Shine ya eyes sha

I would like to point out that all steps (except for number 5) discussed above can be achieved even when in a relationship. It’s just about having a good relationship with the right person.

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  1. Dear Ely, love the write up my concern is no. 5 exploring your sexual side, please make plain other inputs are allowed.thanks and nice job well done.

    1. i am glad you loved it but i dont understand “make plain other inputs are allowed”. Thanks

      1. What i meant was that you should elaborate more on point no. 5 and the opinions of other persons are allowed.

        1. The opinions of others are very welcomed, but there is no elaboration for now. except you want to do so for us, articles are very welcomed too

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