6 Short Tips On Improving Your Sex Life

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Have you ever felt that you could actually do and have more than your regular sex? Or you felt a little bored, but you are at loss on where to start to get your voom back? The good news is there is no set standard of limitation on how much you can enjoy sex, and yes you could try these 6 short tips on improving your sex life.


1. Get sensual: maybe you need to get familiar with your erotic self once again, sometimes the problem with the sex could be that you may have lost sight of what really turns you on, ask yourself a simple question do I have sex for the sake of it? Or I am really turned on, well if you are doing it for the sake of making your partner happy, or as a normal function, it’s time to break open the sensual bottle and dabble some on. Let your partner explore your body and senses with a slow foreplay and tease, you will be sure to see improvements if you tried this, fore play works.2. Get spontaneous: Is the sex now a timed delivery service? Does it happen at a designated time? Day or season? Liven things up by doing something totally off, change your timing, upset the time table, and venue, it must not always be on the bed at 10p.m. be sure to make sure your partner’s timing works with yours, nothing sucks more, when you are gearing to go and your partner is busy3. Get some toys: this is not recommended for everyone, but for those who don’t mind a little extra naughty, getting a good sex toy you are both comfortable with goes a long way to putting a spark back into your life.

6 Short Tips On Improving Your Sex Life.

4. Lock your door: for the married couple, there is no greater mojo killer than when you are up and ready to have fun, but your child decides the boogey man is suddenly around or they need to go potty, so help the situation by putting a lock on the door, it would relieve potential embarrassment and save a lot of trouble.5. Role play: sometimes you just want to be someone else, you have fantasies you have buried for so long, maybe because of no opportunity or fear of being embarrassed by it, the truth is role play may actually help you re-ignite your sexual passion, as you get to explore and indulge each other’s fantasies, you can start with something simple.6 Short Tips On Improving Your Sex Life.6. Strip poker: ease the tension and have fun that would lead to satisfying sex by being just a tad naughty, try strip poker, loser takes off something, it’s not only a sure way to have awesome sex, it also helps to build your bond and create a wonderful memory.There you go, 6 short tips you should definitely work on, and with.

If you have other ideas you have tried and tested, please let us know by using the comment box.


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  1. Instead of number 6 no one plays strip poker anymore. Number 6 should be bring someone else into the bedroom that both partners can agree on ..lol this could be a good or bad situation but I’m down.

  2. Toys always spice up the bedroom but if your man starts using them without you he’s cheating or gay.

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