Being a single parent is never easy, especially having more than two kids. However, most single parents believe their status disables them from dating or finding a serious relationship. Here are some dating tips that will help spice your relationship life and sex life:

·         Always try to look good

As long as you are not inside the comfort of your home, always try to look good. We know that being a single parent can be stressful, but don’t let it wears out your looks. Once you are not conscious of your fashion sense, you may appear old, and that is not a good way to attract a partner. 

·         Avoid talking too much about your kids 

 Do not deny the fact that you have kids but avoid talking about them too much. Once they become the topic of discussion all the time, you may begin to sound like you cannot handle your kid. It is always advisable to talk less about your kid, and don’t make them look like a burden to your relationship

·         Date someone capable of having children

 Most single parents quickly go into a relationship without examining whether their partner is capable of having or taking care of children. For example, it is not advisable to date someone much younger than you without the experience of caring for children; such a relationship is not bound to work out. Plus, he or she might end up being a bad influence on your child.

·         Be transparent

Do not hide your feelings or emotions. If you like him/her, let them know, and if you don’t, move on to someone worth your love. Do not give excuses; do not try to defend yourself. Say the truth the way it is. By doing so, you will know if the relationship is bound to work or not. Do not be afraid of losing a partner; it will only show how insecure you are.

·         Don’t be in haste to show your kids

It is not advisable for you to show your kids to your date unless you are sure he/she wants to meet them. If you decide to show off your kids early enough without confirming with your partner, you might scare him or her away.

·         Don’t be anxious

In every step you take with your partner before and during your date, don’t be anxious. Let your partner make most of the decisions. Do not try to impose anything. You can only decide if it is what you want or not. Don’t be anxious to live with him or her; don’t be anxious to have sex. Sometimes, anxiety can make you come up with the wrong decisions without knowing it. Always be calm, and try not to engage in unnecessary quarrels or fights.

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