The Nigerian Twittersphere & The Sexual Perversion Tweets – Onuora Onianwa

The Nigerian Twittersphere & The Sexual Perversion Tweets - Onuora Onianwa

If you are not on Twitter or you missed the Sexual Perversion gist, check it out on Viva Naija

Read Onuora Onianwa’s reaction to the brouhaha below as shared on his Facebook wall. I find it quite interesting.

The Nigerian twittershpere has been on fire with tweets about sexual perversion. Sadly, the place where they are originating from are very questionable, with no backing from Scripture in most cases.When you come forward, be you pastor or whatever else you or others call you, wisely check the word for what you wish to say. If you have personal opinions or views, share them as such. Do not share your own upbringing, moral standards or views as the word of God.

I’ve been reading many scary things about how the white wedding is God’s way and if it is not done, God cannot bless the union and many folks are all over it, even citing the wedding feast at Cana, the wedding feast in revelation and also saying Solomon built a church, so didn’t weddings take place in it? I’m completely gobs smacked!And while some are trying to get to the root of this, asking for scriptural references and explanations, some people are saying I stand with pastor so and so, as of this is about churches and their pastors. This is a sad shame and should not be.

When are we going to get off this defense of pastors nonsense? If your pastor is bold enough to post online about things or preach at a pulpit, then let said pastor be wise and bold enough to explain/defend it. Such actions by members makes me very ashamed. And when these same pastors commit offences, we see these same people come up with how one should not touch the anointed or question the person. These acts are ungodly!!!

The saddest part for me is this. The tweets started early this week or last week and most were nonsense. I apologize if you are offended, but by now most of you know I don’t pull punches when it gets to the word of God and church doctrine. When someone comes and says only one sexual position is allowed and all others are sexual perversion, there’s a problem.

Yes, some things people do are bad and sick, unhealthy and frankly evil. Vices on legs, arms and breasts? Physical humiliation and the like? Even urinating/spitting on each other or drinking said urine, these are all sick and twisted things the devil has brought, and people practice.That’s one thing. To however say that unless it is “missionary”, any other (shall we say) “preferences” of couples which brings them both satisfaction and contentment is evil, is going into territory that isn’t the concern of the pastor.

This isn’t even about how they haven’t tried it or secretly want to. This is just common sense! Sex is between the man and the woman, not them and the general public. It has been over flogged but that salient point that no one was there when Adam and Eve got busy, stands. We have no template.So, a wise point is to explain that sex is meant to be a good and enjoyable thing for them both and glorifies God. As such if any of them feels uncomfortable with a certain practice, the other could very well let it be, so that offence doesn’t come in to their union.

Also applicable is the ensuring of how ACTUAL perversions like the ones I mentioned where a person is abused or demonized doesn’t come in.

The only other thing is to point them to Scriptures that indicate regard for their bodies as the temple of God and how they need to respect and value that of the other person. That’s about it.

It is not the church’s place to tell couples when, where and how to have sex! It has never been and it will never be, unless that church chooses to make it a part of their own doctrine, which would be very risky. As I said, no template exists, so who is the one who gives the final word? If one person claims God told him, what of the other who says God told him the opposite? Do you see the danger here?

When the tweets began, some enraged people took it up and began to mock the pastor. For the record, i am not in support of that either, but seeing those tweets that day, made me so mad as well! Some then began to fire off direct responses and ask for evidence. Most of the tweets, if not all, where then taken down and a series of new tweets emerged about how the others were a misunderstanding of the message and not posted by the pastor. One in particular said the personal tweets of the pastor would be signed with initials, and there others were from the media team.

All the tweets since then on this issue, have no initials, and some are still off the mark. Now, why should a pastor continue allowing members of the media team post stuff that they say is not from them and misunderstood? The sensible thing would have been to stop it, rebuke them and then either post or leave it. It is still continuing.

One post (that got deleted) even said that if a couple weds in court it is not recognized by God and it is not a marriage. It said unless it is a white wedding, the couple is not married. Why are they then called weddings? Why then does the church recognize both, and ask the couple if they have done it before they do the “white”?If this media team got that from a sermon it is sad. It is either they got it right and such erroneous doctrine was taught or they clearly aren’t listening and growing. In which case, they need to be off the church’s social media feeds, and back into foundation school, to learn.

In this day and age where anything you say can be captured and saved, before you have a chance to take it down, it pays to post wisely and slowly. People are damaging their reputations, ridiculing their businesses and churches, and making themselves or others look bad, all because they post without thought.

Come with the word of God and post wisely. Anything else can get you into serious trouble, and when you want to make a point, make it knowing you will get a response. If you are not ready for that, then maybe you shouldn’t be posting in the first place.

 Onuora Onianwa

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