This year came to an end real quick I guess. or maybe it seems so when you trying to achieve things that doesn’t seem forth coming.I remember being so optimistic at the beginning of this year 2013.I was sure to get a good job, a car, a better apartment and a good relationship….LOL “if wishes were horses……”

Fast forward to the end of the year 30/12/2013, I look at those wishes and laugh hard. Yes I laugh hard at my stupidity. Whoever told me life was Disney? and all magical?The truth is, I didn’t get a car (still very much needed πŸ™ and still in 2014 wish list 😐 ), the better apartment isn’t there yet and I am still single πŸ˜€ . Although I got jobs….lol and the CV is growing.

I can say with all happiness that “2013 was a fulfilled year for me”.

I realised those wish list at the beginning of the year was pure stupidity ( except I have gotten to a certain step). Now I am wiser to know that my life is on a process and I have to take each step required towards the greater future.

I attend one of the craziest institution in Nigeria but wasn’t affected by their snail syndrome because I had other important things to attend to. As for ASUU? They met me well.

I had the opportunity to attend an Entrepreneurship program (AEP) at Fate foundation, where I met the next CEOs in Nigeria and Africa. And also had the CEOs of now as facilitators (lecturers) in that program. 4 months wasn’t easy but it was worth it. I learnt a lot from them and will surely use all I have learnt for my business (still cooking, coming real soon).image

I am now learning how to make dresses. Call me an apprentice if you wish *eyelashes* . But then, its all part of the process.

As for my personal development. I am learning how to love me more day by day.Β  I am not being selfish or locking my self out but I know what I want and would rather spend my time building this ME than wasting it with people that only care about their selfish interest.

I have learnt that”Only me can make me happy””there’s only one of my kind and trying to be someone else will totally erase the existence of this special kind of me created by God on planet earth. I sure wouldn’t want to think God was confused while creating me, (Jeremiah 1:5) because He’s a perfect all knowing God.””loving God is the first step to inner peace””in life you will meet so many people but only a few (very few) are meant to be friends.””the heart can be very confused but the head has to make firm decisions to set the heart straight and balanced.”that no one is perfect but all is unique in his or her own way””we all need people to survive, don’t ever worship peopleΒ  but worship the one that has the heart of men in His hands””people can only address you the way you address yourself.””Defining you helps you manage praises, critics and haters. Accepting your personality is the first step to defining you.””Persistence and perseverance mixed with confidence are important to achieve a goal.””People say ‘this’ and do ‘that’. Everyone lies to his/her neighbor.””Not everyone has the same level of IQ like you do. Some are high, some low while some are at same level as you. Chatting with the higher ones is far easy because all you need to do is be humble and ask questions but the lower ones… mehn!….Patience is required, cos most of them are not even ready to be humble enough to understand.

knowing all these makes it easier to relate with people both in the real world and on social networks.I know when to reply, ignore, laugh, smile, nod, just Stare or even pull back πŸ˜€

I now have a clear picture of the things I want to do and steps to be taken. still battling with procrastination but I am sure it will stay back in the year 2013 and not dare to step into 2014.

My relationship with God is the most important part of my life. I am still a sinner πŸ™ He knows but he still loves me and forgives me. I am grateful to him for His love. No one loves me like He does.

I met new friends, parted with a few, have a whole lot of acquaintances and Met wonderful colleagues, that’s life right? lolThank you all for being part of my 2013. To those that played big roles in my life in the year 2013, God bless you all. Please play greater roles next year. πŸ˜€

Please use the comment section to add more to what I’ve learnt. I need to learn more. πŸ™‚ . Thank you

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I hope you learnt something from my 2013 summary. See you next year!! *mmmwuaaaaah!*


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  1. A Happier 2014 is all I’m wishing you! I read and I love all your write- ups. I’m seeing a bigger you in the years ahead.Happy New Year!!!

  2. Yep… I did. Buh der was no actor, no boss. When is part 2 coming out?

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