10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Daily Doze Of Laughter

10 Instagram Account To Follow For Daily Doze Of Laughter

In this era of Bokoharam, Biafra, Political brouhaha and lion escaping from wild life park, the need to follow accounts that will give you some laughter daily cannot be over emphasized. Do not let tension kill you. All seriousness and no play will make you kpai quick in Nigeria. You need some InstaFun

In no particular order, here are 10 Instagram accounts that keeps my brain balanced.

  1. Bizzle01 (66.9k followers)

    If you are not following this dude then you are missing. Memes literally starts trending from Bizzle Oshikoya’s page and you are sure to see enough on daily basis.      

        1. Mrcayanasneh (93.4k followers)


  Èré ífè Abeni àtí Akonmu lá bé ígí Mongoro ???? Tag abeni and akonmu if u know dem ohh ???   A video posted by Igbalode Cayana ?? (@mrcayanasneh) on

This funny fast talking Yoruba boy will make you laugh all day with his funny instagram short skits. They are skits you can relate to and if you love razz then you probably will love this dude.

  1. Thasuspect (10.3k followers)

When You Go Shopping With Your Mum Then She Sees Someone She Knows and They Start Talking…

A photo posted by Tha Suspect (@thasuspect) on

Tha suspect is a multi-talented artist. He has been in the game for long and he won my heart just like many others with his funny lines. On his page he doesn’t just share memes, he puts up an image and then adds he own caption. His jokes are original to me. follow him to find out. Don’t just double tap…read captions!!!    

      1. AlibabaGCFR (96.5k followers)


This down to earth king of comedy himself is definitely the king everywhere but on Instagram I will add the ‘king of sarcasm’ to his title. If you can’t read between the lines, don’t bother following our boss.

  1. Aphricanape06 (240k followers)

Dami Olatunde aka Aphricanape gets you going with his funny video. You just must laugh…you no get choice o. Dami can take up 3 different characters, male or female, and kill it! He is awesome like that.    

      1. Crazeclown (490k)


He is just as crazy as his name implies. His creativity is top notch. He can make silly videos out of any situation.

  1. Krakstv (175k)

??? Unromantic Thwart

A photo posted by Rib-Cracking Pics & Videos ??? (@krakstv) on

This list cannot be complete without krastv mehn! They’ve made us laugh from facebook to Instagram to twitter. People get excited when their tweets gets lifted by Krakstv. King pexxie is one of them…LOL    

      1. Emmaohmagod (85.2k followers)


Comedian, wedding MC, singer, TV presenter, content provider! Ahn ahn, tell me why he won’t be funny even if it wasn’t his intention? Follow him for awesome videos…he never fails.

  1. Falzthebahdguy (218k followers)

Falz found his calling after a long while of walking with the lord…LOL and the lord has finally blessed the works of his hands. I am happy for the bro and may we find our calling soon enough too. He is still looking for bae though, another Valentine is coming and I pray God opens his inner eyes to look my way. He is not that fine but I can manage for publicity sake…I am also looking for a celebrity boyfriend jor    

      1. Frankdonga_ (42.8k followers)


A photo posted by Frank Donga (@frankdonga_) on

Kunle Idowu popularly known as Frank Donga came into our world, sharing the pain and frustration of unemployed and job seeking Nigerians and that made us love him. If you have ever been to an interview then you can relate. I watched most of his videos and I almost hated Falz the bad guy for trying to copy my nigga’s style but we forgive him sha. The sky is big for all of us even if we turn stars. Falz be careful o.

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  1. Thanks for add Aphricanape06, Bizzle01, and Crazeclown to your recommended list. I really love them and from today I will also follow the rest of your list.

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