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When a life is lost somewhere. Somehow some are smiling because a life is given elsewhere. Nothing ends, everything is exchanged.

Sometimes the sun is harsh but the rays are needed. Often the earth might be flooded, drinking from the Nile but the water is a necessity. Evil is evil but some evil(s) are necessary.

When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window. Opportunities are lingering everywhere, we just need to be able to identify the right ones. If enemies are not important, God won’t set a table for you and I in the presence of our enemies.

Nothing last forever, even life has its ending time. Words has no bones. But when said negatively, it can break a skull. There was darkness before light, there will always be light after a tunnel. A little ray of light separates a dark fog of darkness.

Death may come when you least expected. Death could be waiting in the kitchen when you get up at night to a glass of milk. Death could strangle a life right on the bed. Don’t try to see death coming because you won’t. Remember, the sweetest gift anyone can get is life, don’t race with it. But know, if life can remove someone you never thought of losing, it can replace them with someone you never dreamt of having.

Always appreciate what you have, learn to give thanks always. That old ragged car of yours is someone else’s dream ride. Your wicked heartless wife is someone’s Angel in disguise. It’s an old imagination that the devil do dress in red cape and pointy horns. Nowadays, he comes is everything you have ever wished for.

Remember those you left on the ladder while you were climbing up. You will also meet them on the same ladder when climbing down. Say “Thank you”, say “I love you”, say “I am sorry” when necessary. These words won’t make you less a human being, neither will it increase the ego of the one receiver. It is better to be polite and say something good. And if you have anything good to say, it’s better to say nothing.

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  1. There is a drop of good in evil while there is also a drop of evil in good. Life is never set on a steady strip

  2. Life is meant to be lived. Live, love,laugh. Let’s not be too anxious of things that we forget to smell the roses. We all will go someday and somehow..Even the good book says there is time for evrything under the sun..Life dont necessarily go the way we plan it,but we should learn to take the bends,the traffics and the straight roads and make the most of it.

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