A Dangerous Love Affair – 14

A dangerous love affair

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Bachelor Party

“John, how does it feel, you are about to tie the knot?” Emeka asked over the roar of the music in the swanky night club John had selected as the staging ground of his bachelor party.

If feels good brother, I waited too long and there is no going back.”

“You know what’s next right?”

“What?” John asked with a slightly puzzled expression.

“You all will have a lot of newly wed sex then Cassie will get fat, you will get bored then everything will go downhill from there.”

“Is that a curse?”

“Ha Ha ha.” Emeka laughed amicably, spitting out some of his champagne in the process. “It’s the truth brother, do you think everyone can be like my wife and I?”

“God punish you Emeka, Cassie and I are in it for the long haul.”

“If you say so my man.”

“I do.” Johnathan said as he took to the dance floor and dragged Emeka with him. “This is my last night as a free man, I intend to enjoy it, let’s go.”

They danced the night away, the trials and tribulations that they face in their everyday lives forgotten for a fleeting instant. The kind of moments that people remember for a lifetime were made that night. When they were tired, drunk, and ready to go home, Emeka made his attempt at a confession.

“You know John, When Cassie first came to my company, I was completely smitten by her.”

“How many times did you fuck her?” John asked with narrowed eyes.

Emeka’s heart skipped a beat until John let out a mighty guffaw. “Ha, I wish, but on a serious note. Cassie is a capable woman and I know she will be a great fit for you. If you mess up then she will handle you.”

“I’m not sure any woman can handle me, but I appreciate your kind words nonetheless.”

“Are you afraid?”

Afraid of what?”

Getting married man, it’s something that you cannot go back from.”

“I’m scared to death but at the same time I’m exhilarated. Imagine that I have found a woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with and to make it even sweeter, my best friend will be able to watch over her for me.”

“Yea, that’s nice.” Emeka replied noncommittally

“I just hope I can build a marriage as strong as you and Hadija have.

“Humph, we have our problems as well.”

“I cannot tell.”

“Of course you can’t, would you have me run to you every time we got into an argument?”

“Ha ha, I guess not. At the very least you are an exemplary man.”

“John, I am not as good as everyone seems to think.”

“How so?”

Emeka hesitated before answering “You know, they paint me as a saint but I make mistakes as well, I have my own issues and secrets.”

“What kind of secrets?” John asked leaning in.

“That is why they are called secrets man.” Emeka replied with a chuckle, shoving john away playfully.

“Alright alright. Let’s get out of here before I drink myself into a stupor the night before my wedding. Help me round up the guys.”

“Sure thing, Tomorrow is going to be one for the history books.”

“I will settle for a family catalogue.” John said ruefully.

“Ha ha if only you could. Let’s go man.”

They rose together, best friends ready to take on the world together.


Bachelorette party

“Thank you for inviting me out tonight Cassie, it really is a breath of fresh air to relax with my fellow ladies, especially after going back to work. I forgot how hard an office can be.” Hadija said happily

“It’s the least I can do, after all, your son is my ring bearer and your husband is my husband’s best man. As far as the work, you will get used to it, we all do.”

“I cannot wait, I am so excited that you are tying the knot tomorrow. My own wedding seems like a lifetime ago.” Hadija said as she looked around the upscale lounge with a feeling of nostalgia.

“Ha, I am sure I will get tired of John soon enough but until then lets enjoy it while it lasts right?”

“I doubt you will get tired of him, I am not tired of Emeka and it has been over a decade.”

“You two are pillars, how have you been able to last so long?”

“I think it is because we grew together. When we first tied the knot, Emeka had just started working for Constellation Industries and I was still at my law firm. We shared a small flat and things were so much simpler. It is a little different now, sometimes, it seems like I do not even know the man that is sharing the same bed as me.”

“Emeka is something.”

“Yea, he is, but that man sure is a stubborn one.”

“Are you telling me? I work for him five days out of the week.” Cassie said playfully.

“Ha, I can imagine.”

“Babe, let’s dance, I am not spending all my money so we can sit down, we could have stayed home for that.”

“Alright, let’s show these small girls how it’s done.” Hadija replied as she stood up and joined in the fun.

They danced the night away, shaming young girls and making younger men wonder how they would get these two beautiful women in their beds. All the while forming bonds of friendship that they thought would last them for years to come. Hours of dancing and bottles of champagne later they were happy and exhausted. The entire group settled down on the lounge chairs and began to discuss what they love most; problems, other friends, and most of all men.

“Honey, where are you planning on going for your honeymoon?” Hadija asked.

“I have no idea, John has refused to tell me, he just told me to pack for any and all weather.”

“I like that, he really is a romantic.” Hadija said wistfully. “I remember when I got married we didn’t have enough money to travel so we just rented out a hotel for a few days and rediscovered each other’s bodies.”

“Ha ha.” Cassie chuckled as she pushed back a string of hair from Hadija’s face. “I think it’s lovely what you guys have. Can I make a confession?”

“Sure honey, what is it?”

“I had the biggest crush on Emeka when I first came to Constellation Industries. He was like a chocolate God to me. Part of the reason I came to Phoebes christening was to see the woman that was lucky enough to call him hers.”

“Are you still crushing?” Hadija asked, turning her eyes to look directly into Cassie’s.

“Good question, no, I’m all in for John.” Cassie lied as she wilted under the sincerity she saw in Hadija’s eyes. A woman whose only crime was to love her family unconditionally.

“That’s good. I think it’s time to get out of here, I don’t want Emeka to get home before me so I can be the one to ask the questions.” She said with a chuckle.

“So that’s how it works?” Cassie replied in admiration.

“Stick with me kid, you will learn from the best.” Hadija replied as she stood on wobbly legs and helped Cassie do the same.

“I’m sure I will.” Cassie said evasively.


Girl it’s your wedding day.

That was the song that played in the background as Cassie entered the beautiful church where she would become someone’s wife. John had spared no expense to make sure that the wedding would be one to be remembered. He wore a medium grey suit with a darker grey vest and gold accessories.

Image source: Pinterest
Image source: Pinterest

The church was decorated with white and gold streamers interlaced with silver and the occasional vermillion banner. Violet made its appearance to signify the royal families that were being joined in holy matrimony that day.Cassie herself would have put Aphrodite to shame this day if she dared to make an appearance. Her long hair was done in curls and her makeup was the type that women slaved over for hours on end. This was a princess walking to meet her prince charming.

John stood at the altar, waiting to receive his brides hand from her father. His smile threatened to rip his face in half but he did not care. As she landed on the stage, the words of the reverend passed in a blur and before anyone could blink he was kissing his bride. It was now time for the reception which passed too quickly for most and the ceremonial leaving of the bride and groom.

As they were driven away from the reception hall, Emeka held his wife and children and was happy; it was finally over, no more temptation from Cassie and her ilk.

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