Woman finds her doppelganger on Facebook – Twin strangers

An Irish woman, Niamh Geaney, found her exact double after she made a bet with friends – Terence Manzanga and Harry English, all from Dublin and set up a Facebook page to search for their “twin strangers.”

Harry English, Terence Manzanga and Niamh Geaney

The campaign was started on the 30th of March to find unrelated people who look just like them, anywhere in the world. To make things interesting, they gave themselves just one month to get it done. The trio posted a YouTube video to help get the ball rolling.

As it turned out, Geavey found hers first, about two weeks into the challenge — And although they had received photos from people all around the world, Geavey’s twin stranger – Karen Branigan, lived just an hour’s drive down the road from her.

In a new YouTube video, Gaevey and Karen Branigan meet for the first time.

Gaevey and Branigan then do their hair and makeup together to get their faces to match even more closely.

The three Dubliners got the idea to look for their doppelgangers from a British journalist who to tried to find her own double in 2011.

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