Why You Should Up your Oral Sex Game as a Man

We all deserve a satisfying sex life, and oral sex is an excellent way to spice up your sex life. Interestingly, it appears quite a number of men like to get head, but they shy away from returning the favour. There was a time I also stayed away from giving head because I was worried about the smell and bacteria that I may encounter. However, I have outgrown that after meeting women who actually take care of the vagina. Now, if a woman can give me head, she deserves head too.

Oral sex often occurs during foreplay. It involves the use of the mouth, tongue and fingers to stimulate the genitals. It is a good way to discover pleasures in the body of your partner. In this post, my plan is to encourage men to engage in more oral sex. However, ensure you are hygienic about it and confirm the vagina is clean so that you won’t eat infection. Also, practice proper hygiene after every oral sex.

Anyway, your partner deserves great oral sex, and you should be excited to give it to her. If you are still wondering why you should up your oral sex game as a man, continue reading to find out.

More sexual pleasures

Oral sex is a burst of pleasures. You don’t really need sex romps that would make your thighs ache later. You can both feel intense sexual pleasures through oral sex. Oral sex can be a more pleasurable act than penetration. However, ensure you are good at giving oral sex; if not, your partner may get bored.

King of orgasms

If you want to be tagged the king of orgasms, you need to up your oral sex game. During oral sex, the woman is more stimulated, and she is more likely to have orgasms. Many women say they squirt more during oral sex than through penetration. So to be the king of orgasms, you need to be on top of your oral sex game.

No fear of pregnancy

When making out without any form of protection nearby, you don’t have to be bothered about impregnating anyone through oral sex. Both of you will have orgasms and have a great time without having to look for post-sex pills. So, if in your dream, you keep seeing yourself impregnating someone’s daughter, one way to avoid the dream is to stick to just oral sex, especially if you don’t want to be a celibate.

Less pain, more pleasure

There are certain women who feel a great deal of pain during penetration. Some of them completely avoid sex. If you are with such a woman, one good way for both of you to please each other sexually is through oral sex. Oral sex comes with little to no pain and more pleasure.

Better Option for Indomie Men

If you notice you don’t last long in bed, you really should focus on your oral sex game. While you may want to get drugs and concoctions to be able to last long in bed, upping your oral sex game is free and a sure way to give your partner orgasms. Remember, the goal is not to have sex for hours, but actually for both of you to enjoy the act and have orgasms. So, have you been described as an Indomie man? Nothing stops you from still being the king of orgasms, my guy.

Thank you for reading. Do you have suggestions or comments? Kindly share them with me in the comment section. Have a beautiful sex life!

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  1. That’s a great post Sami.

    The number one reason why I love oral sex is that it is great for orgasm. Women orgasm way too quickly with oral sex from my experience. And this has a positive impact on your sexual relationship too. You lady feels special and more satisfied.

    Men suffering from premature ejaculation must give oral sex a priority. This is indeed a relationship-saver.
    Edwin Madison recently posted…Premature Ejaculation FAQsMy Profile

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