Who is a Prostitute? Ain’t we all Prostitutes?

Who is a prostitute?

According to Baba WIKI;

“Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations in exchange for payment or some other benefit. Prostitution is something described as commercial sex.” 

Most of us find it very easy to point that accusing finger whenever the opportunity arises but we fail to look in the mirror.prostituteUhmm, that girl, na correct ashewo o…she sleeps with anything for money, go to allen Junction or GRA (Isaac john), u go see am there…

Going by the definition we have above, having sex in exchange of something, whether money, position or a favor or even a gift is prostitution.

So I decided to analyze the following cases and ask these questions:

Jessica works in a reputable firm, her remunerations are mouthwatering, and she earns #200,000 /month, not adding her clothing, health, transport and housing allowances. She therefore can be classified as Miss Independent, yeah? The type most men claim to be looking for. She is comfortable, can afford to take care of herself and a couple of others. She’s even gotten a pension plan running….But heeey! News flash! She slept with the COO (Chief operations officer) to get that job and she has to keep his bed warm from time to time to keep that job. Now tell me, going by the definition above, is she or is she not a prostitute? Gotcha!prostitution

Tola is a student in one of the tertiary institutions, she is a good student, she attends lecture when around, reads, takes her studies serious, basically, she is a student. Well, you know how it is here in Nigeria (although its changing and getting better), people and the system expects you to be a student and nothing more. But, Tola goes to see this Alhaji and the other chief when they call on her just for the money, tour and expensive gifts. They call them runs girls. Is she or is she not a prostitute? Abi would u call her a different name?

Jude is a very handsome tall looking guy. Has the body and face to die for plus the mixture of courage, class and swag. The type ladies would easily give an arm(or give a left boob to have) to have. He has not been in a relationship after his first. He’s now a specialist in dating older women or very beautiful ladies. But these women of his choice have one thing in common. Either married or single, they must have a reasonable share of riches to pay his bills and for him to milk. But hello? He is a guy with aspirations. He’s also planning to warm his way into that rich lady’s heart, the daughter of the business tycoon and end up getting married just to lay his hands on some of hers or the families wealth. Is he also a prostitute? I think I wanna hear your answer at this point! You won’t call him a prostitute cos he’s not a lady abi?

Nneka doesn’t stand at Allen junction at night, neither does she wait for the next Alhaji link from her chain of friends. She is beautiful and confident. She allows the chase. She takes her time and makes sure you spend a certain amount of money on dates and on her before you get the cookie. She says its give and take. But then, life is truly give and take. Can she be classified a prostitute too?

Mrs. Owolafe is a married woman. A happy wife and an accomplished mother. Also very faithful and makes her husband happy. But she restrains her husband from getting the cookie each time she wants a set of jewelry, a shopping trip or just a vacation and Mr. Owolafe is not forth coming. Can she be classified as a prostitute?

Halima (No pun intended) is a top fashion designer and an actress. She’s doing well for herself and has made a name. Most ladies want to be like her and men compare their ladies to her. She’s pretty, happy and living the large life. But,…. She has to sleep with some senators and top business men from time to time to get large stacks to pump into her business and maintain a certain kind of life style. Is she also a prostitute?

What about you? Yes iwo naa, you and you reading this including me. Can we all look in the mirror and see a saint in this matter? It may not be sex but losing our sense of integrity in exchange for favors.

I could go on and on but its already looking like almost everyone can be called a prostitute. Someone said, “we all exchange sex for something sometimes in our lives”. I am just asking: Who are the real prostitutes?

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  1. @newton don’t say all ladies are prostitutes, dats a fallacy of hasty generalization. nt all grls av given sex in xchange for sum benefit.

    1. Dear Anonymous, Every lady at one time would use her body to her advantage… If you read carefully you would realize that the definition of prostitution was stretched deeper than the loose definition that we all know. Have you ever slept with your bf/husband better because yo wanted something from him? or have you ever denied him because you want him to do something for you? Even as noble as collecting school fees of the kids? Under this broad definition you are a prostitute. Gbam

  2. Choi…this geh, must you put down everything in black and white?Contrary to Newton’s argument, a husband and wife are free to cajole, blackmail or whatever since they are married.For prostitutes, anything goes. My next argument is that as the days approach, morals are being lost and its now difficult to tell the difference between right from wrong because everything is RELATIVE….or as they say “you don’t know what they are going through”With that said, I rest my case!

    1. Hehehe i have to put them all down o. Not talking about somethings sef is one of the reasons why our morals are flying away. “You dont know what they are going through” i like that, hence, lets stop being hypocrites

  3. Well… I believe there are still ladies out there that won’t fit into into any of the categories you’ve listed above… Some I can vouch for…It’s well written though… Very true and accurate. Well done.

  4. So I ask myself, “Are you a prostitute?” Perhaps yes, I am a prostitute.. I have alienated myself at one point or the other to get favours. Nothing goes for nothing. That said, “we are all prostitutes.” Imperfect beings

    1. Nice piece here but I agree to disagree , dis is a fallacy of generalisimo, u can’t jux call all gurls prostitute, it doesn’t go like that. Kudos

  5. So far it looks like folks are concluding that this writeup was focusing on ladies alone. More illustrations may have been directed towards them but my understanding of this piece is that both gender are in in the same category in this matter. Its evident that judging can most times be hyprocritic,so as we go away tagging everyone we see,it’s good we take it down a notch and look inwards, u may just be surprised at what you find.

  6. Nice one. When next I use the word prostitute, I’ll do well to employ it in a broader context than its often restrictive usage…

  7. I have told them before, Some people condemn other people and do worse things + hypocrisy.We are all prostitutes Jare. IMPERFECT ME, IMPERFECT YOU!!!!!!

  8. No, we’re not all prostitutes.. Prostitutes are people (man or woman) who misuse or debase their bodies for payment! It’s called payment because it’s the reward of the services they have rendered,we all get paid after any work we do,it’s our right..so prostitutes see this as their rights as well to get paid after Sex.. This isn’t applicable to 2 faithful lovers in a relationship or married people,they could have Sex without getting money immediately in return,they ain’t having Sex for monetary gains or material benefits.. People you mentioned could be called prostitutes as they involve in one runs or the other,,married people excluded and people I just explained above.. Generalisation ain’t good!

  9. I don’t totally agree with your analysis… esp about the married woman. If she gets her wishes or not, she will still have sex with her husband. Though to some extent and in some of your analysis, we are all prostitutes.

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