Where is the LOVE?

It is shocking and however amazing when you see sad, crying and heart break smiley with the deceased pictures almost on all profile DP’s, the very moment the passing away of the deceased is announced. Everyone becomes a poet, giving attributes about 70% the deceased never knew he or she ever possessed while on earth. At death, the deceased becomes famous and possibly the best person who ever lived, you begin to see all kinds of pictures you have never seen.

Like I will always ask, why will you wait until someone dies to show them how much you “cared” if at least the person meant anything to you?

Did you ever pick up your phone to call that person while he or she was alive? Where you aware of the challenges the person was passing through? Did they ever win your DP at least once even on their birthdays? Have you ever knelt down to pray for them even if it was five (5) minutes? Were you known as a friend indeed? Did you ever give them the love and attention they craved for while they were still alive? If 80% of your answers to the above questions are NO, then you sincerely have no right to put up a crying smiley and display picture (dps) at their departure.

Many of them died out of depression, rejection, pain et al and not for one day did you go on your kneels to sincerely pray for them. Many would have survived if we cared just a little bit more, if we visited or called more often to know what was going on with them, many wouldn’t have died of high blood pressure if they had someone to talk to without being judged. Why wait until you lose a friend or loved one before you show the “world” how much of a “friend” you were?

You have a role to play in everyone’s life. God did not bring them into your life for nothing. We all have duties and responsibility to carry out in each other’s life.

Can you make a fresh commitment today to love, care and pray for everyone God has brought into your life? Will you call them and genuinely find out how they are doing at least once every month?  Will you let them know how much you love and appreciate them? Will you love them enough to use them as your display picture on their birthdays and every other day, telling them how important they are to you? Will you be the first to check up and continue even when they don’t seem to appreciate you in return knowing that you are sowing a seed that will bring forth fruit sooner than expected?

The truth is you have no right to mourn on Blackberry messenger, Facebook, twitter or on any other social network if you haven’t paid your dues as a true friend.

Write those poems now when they are alive not when they are dead.

You have no business keeping 1000 contacts on blackberry if you can’t give account of each and every one of them at the end of every month (except you are a marketer though)

Don’t forget that the greatest commandment is LOVE!!!

I ask again, Where is the love?

Written by Dora Ndidi@aDORABLE_Oma, She Blogs here – www.bhealed.wordpress.com

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  1. I actually woke up to some eulogies on twitter. I know tis often meant as a symbol of last respect or smin, but does it really count if we have never really associated with the deceased before their demise? You strike intelligent points here, we’ll said.

  2. Wow this is too real makes me think of my best friend while reading this we have went our separate ways now over a argument and my pride has gotten in the way of trying to mends it. I figured it was over but this gave me reassurance that if she died tomorrow I would be hurt and lost.I guess it been long enough time to pick up the phone..also this blog states some great points that can be a big eye opener for many…

    1. You should pick up the phone sharply. I think of that when i am angry with someone. Death can be an eye opener. I really loved this comment

    1. “we bury the living and celebrate the dead” – deep one\nthanks for stopping by Ifet

  3. Most times we actually don’t appreciate the people we have until realisation hits that they are no more. That pains! Other times, it’s just plain sympathy, or the reminder that it could have been us….or anybody. Whichever one applies, I sure would like to have my share of the love now that it is of use to me. Valid points here ma’am.Deep stuff, Idongesit.

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