Basic items every woman should have in her handbag

Often, a lady’s outfit is incomplete without her handbag because the handbag is the ‘topping’ for a lady’s outfit. But the truth is, it is not just about carrying a handbag for the fun of it; the items in your handbag are just as important as the bag you are carrying. Whether you are heading out on a date, gym, work, or just taking a stroll, there are essential items that every woman should have in her bag asides from her phone or gadget.

However, the items are dependent on individual preference or personality, and the list is in no particular order;

Safety pins/needle & thread

Even if the outfit is brand new, you still won’t get a notification when a button goes off your shirt or your zip gets worn out, and this can be really embarrassing. In a situation like this, a safety pin is a weapon to fight the battle or a threaded needle to simply hold the loose ends together. Of course, this is certainly not a permanent solution, but it sure will save the moment. 

Writing materials (notepad & pen)

In this century, it is no news that most people are dependent on their mobile phones for so many things, including storing important information, reminders, directions, etc. Still, these devices can be unpredictably unreliable as they can go faulty the next minute you finish using them. But as odd as it may seem, a notepad and a pen are always essential when going out to write down ideas, phone numbers, direction, or any other important note should your mobile phone suddenly stop working or run out of battery.

Cash/ATM cards

Money is an essential commodity whose place cannot be taken. Even without stepping a foot out of your house, it is never a loss to have cash on you. Hence, more important to have cash or an ATM card in your handbag when heading out in case of emergencies, or you may bump into something you probably need and want to buy. It is actually safer to carry ATM cards than actual cash for fear of being robbed, but a little cash in hand won’t hurt too.

Tissue, wipes, and/or pads

Almost every lady has at one point or another had her own portion of Mother Nature’s surprise at a very uncomfortable timing. It is normal to forget that the time of the month is here, and in order to avoid the spill, it is better to consciously prepare in advance by having a sanitary pad or tampon handy in your bag. Aside from the unexpected flow, a tissue or face wipe usually safe the situation when your face becomes oily, or you develop a running nose, to have to clean a dusty shoe, etc.

Makeup & hand lotion

It is understandable that not every lady is a make-up fan, and having make-up in your bag does not necessarily imply that you have to carry the whole of your make-up kit. A simple, compact powder (with a mirror), lipstick, or lip balm is enough to do the magic. You also don’t want to have your hands dry all day just because you washed them after using the toilet, so you need a hand lotion too.

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