Ways to Avoid Procrastination

While working from the house, you are more likely to procrastinate, unlike when working in an office space. If you keep procrastinating, you may end up getting nothing done or becoming overwhelmed with a lot of things to do. For those working with a team, if one member continuously procrastinates, it will affect the performance of other members. Therefore, procrastination is a dangerous habit, and you should be interested in ways to help you avoid it. For those willing to avoid procrastination, below are five (5) ways to avoid procrastination:

1.      Force yourself to begin what you have to do

As simple as this may seem, you can be too restless to settle down and do what you have to do. You have to learn how to compel your body to sit and work. This may help you adjust your mind-set towards work. The common saying that getting started is half the battle is very accurate, especially if you are struggling with procrastination.

2.      Eliminate distractions

Are you addicted to Twitter, Instagram, or Netflix? Is there something taking you away from work? It would help if you separated yourself from such a thing during your work hours. If possible, disconnect from the internet as you work, except you have to work using the internet. If you have to use the internet, maybe put your phone on airplane mode. However, if you are using your phone’s hotspot, keep your phone some distance from you. Eliminating distractions will help you focus more on work.

3.      Set concrete goals for yourself each day

Sometimes, you tend to procrastinate when you feel overwhelmed with too many projects or tasks. In such a situation, it is crucial to set specific, doable goals for yourself. Breakdown your tasks into smaller activities and assign a particular timeframe to them. Ensure you keep each timeframe, as this would make you get done earlier than expected.

4.      Minimize interruptions as much as you can

There is likely a lot of interruptions for those working at home and not staying alone. When you finally decide to sit and complete the task you have been procrastinating on, it can be very frustrating to get interrupted. If it is a roommate or family member, explain to them that you need some space and less (or no) interruptions. If you have a room of your own, you may lock yourself in while you work. Or you may find a quiet space elsewhere, maybe at a friend’s house nearby, to work. Just try as much as you can to stay away from any form of interruptions.

5.      Prioritize your work

Your work is important. Until you realise this, you may never get anything done or you may just keep procrastinating and overwhelming yourself. Making your work a priority is key. Handle your work with all seriousness. Usually, you tend to procrastinate because you simply feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. It is essential to prioritize your work in order of importance and/or by the deadline to help fight procrastination. Also, have a to-do list and ensure you follow it. In all you do, ensure you are committed and avoid procrastination.

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