Hi peeps, never done this before but having so many thought going through my head and many things happening around me, I decided to give this a try. Please don’t Forget, its my OPINION!!!!!Well yeah. Am not a virgin so don’t raise your eyebrow. You can calm the fuck down. Since sex has become easy to get, love became so hard to find. I sincerely believe that is somewhat true cos having to understand LOVE from LUST is another topic for another day.Going straight down to my reason for writing….yes after d First, we start enjoying it. (Hell yea its a wonderful experience) then u always want more, you feel ‘I need me some Vitamin S’…then u start understanding what it means to b satisfied I.e. After 2 to 3 partners, you tend to know the sizes of **** and positions that suites you……THEN!!!….satisfaction in bed joins your so called “perfect man” list. There and then the problem begins. Even if he takes you on different dates , shows you off, buys you gifts, plenty surprises, basically treats you the way you want a MAN to treat you, u still think of ……..he isn’t good on bed…am so gonna cheat! And it destroys it all.And am here wondering…..if we were virgins and just have a man prove their love in treating you the right way then u both head to the altar…..don’t u think there would b less heartbreaks and all….after all you just gonna have only your husbands PENIS for evermore. But as d saying goes, the smaller **** is, the more reasonable the man is. #Hoping it is true#

I know some of you all are already cursing and can’t wait to find my handle to give me a piece of your mind(Here it is @elsieisy) but really, if you are still a virgin, KEEP IT. You are precious. YES I SAID it. :)Wishing you a very HAPPY and Prosperous NeW yEaR :*

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  1. The truth is if one stays a virgin wtout exploring diff D… Or V….s you won’t be all about seeking hyper satisfaction at d expense of all d other expressions of love… If truely there is more to love than just the bed.\nYou did a good job lady… Next time, easy on abbreviations…Happy new year to you too.

  2. Nice write up Miss Elsie……The ideology about sex has changed! People take it for granted these days.

  3. What if u find out after marriage dat ur hubby is impotent??? *still 4 better, 4 worse?*

    1. I personally think there is better way of knowing if a man is impotent. You can carry out a medical check to know your to be status.

  4. *sigh Finally!!!!!! Someone says the truth that we never want to hear. Despite my ‘inexperience’, I’ve always known that comparison and dissatisfaction would be inevitable in relationships and ultimately,marriages because its almost impossible to have one partner once you become sexually active before marriage. Well….I’m a virgin and I’d like to keep it that way till I’m married ;;) Thanks for writing this wonderful piece :*\nP.S. Now I’m scared because my boyfriend has had 100partners in 10years( Please don’t ask me how I ended up with him) LOL….how on earth am I supposed to deal with that? He’s way too experienced.

    1. The holy spirit shall teach u all things *wink* if he truly loves u, then u wldnt have to worry about it.. It will come naturally, u have forever with ur hubby to get it right, quit worrying.

  5. Thank God there is still a single girl on earth who still believes in this. I like your courage, even though your not a virgin, you still admitted the truth which many girls in ur shoes will runaway from. Keep it up

  6. Beautiful write up,makes a whole lotta sense. But then again u ddnt cut urself sum slack ,with d way d world is u and odas cudnt help but 2 loose it and so long as u don’t disrespect urself in d process ur just fine. Doesn’t make u incomplete,so u have a higher standard for ur man??? Big deal! I’m a virgin buh I have friends dat aren’t and I know whr ur coming from…. Rock ya life jare

  7. So ur bf has a small dick abi ? or why the ” #Hoping it is true#” in ” the smaller **** is, the more reasonable the man is. #Hoping it is true#”\n#OkBye

  8. So ur bf has a small d**k abi ? or why the ” #Hoping it is true#” in ” the smaller **** is, the more reasonable the man is. #Hoping it is true#”\n#OkBye\

  9. Honey pie, virginity is good, fine. Buh to me, dt doesn’t seem to be d basis for a good rltnshp. And one other thing dt comes to my mind here is d male folks fidelity….being a V doesn’t hav to do wt d female folks alone…guys can also preserve their dicks too. The ultimate thing(which I’m also guilty of) is GOD. We see a guy/girl dt we like n we forget to go bak on our knees to seek God’s face n know if he/she is d real person for our lives….we now go into rltnshp based on love n outward/inward appearance alone(which fades wt time),sometimes we can’t even differentiate btwn LUST n d so called LOVE. Being a V is good, buh GOD first in any rltnshp. #MY OPINION

  10. Ok, I’ve read every reply regarding this post and the status quo. Kolawole, yes, the Ideology of sex has changed and nothing can be done about that. Everything works with time.\n\nAs for the virginity thing, like someone rightly pointed out that it doesn’t guarantee a good relationship. Me personally don’t believe in virginity as it is not the utmost part in a relationship. In a relationship, sex will be the least, whether good or bad in bed. If you’re keeping your virginity, fine! But remember there are many things to watch out for in yourself in a relationship. It has to do with your behaviour, attitude, intelligence, experience about life, etc.

  11. I have a friend who just got deflowered and now she hates her so called what if her husband deflowered her on their first night,is that how she’s gonna end up hating him for the rest of their marriage!!! The fact still remains,Sex is worth waiting for..why the rush..

  12. Well!!! Went thru all your write up and this got my attention. First of all I think most african ladies have lost their way,trying to copy western civilsation. Sex is sacred and should be treated as such. If u have an amazing sex life!! That’s just wonderful! But it shouldn’t be a yardstick for determining d status of a relationship. Why would som1 pick amazing sex over other great things in a relationship like understanding, trust, friendship, communication. Note sex can be improved once u have dese qualities in ur relationship. Like I said earlier on!!! We lost direction. I’m not against good sex !! As a man u shud try to satisfy ur woman!! And vice versa!!! But don’t kill urself in the process.

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