Types of women you should never DATE!


We jump into relationships these days without being sure of what we want from it. We not even sure of who we want what we want with.

In this article I will give you tips on the kind of women you shouldn’t bother having any serious relationship with to avoid daily headache and sudden heart attack. Thank me later.

1). Liars

I mentioned this ones in my article on 3 things to watch out for in your woman. I know we all lie and no one can say boldly “I never told a lie”, but the thing is, for these set of liars I expect you to run from, telling a lie is second to breathing for them. They are never sincere with anything. Even their look is a lie. They live in Magodo and tell you they stay in Chevron Estate. They have never left the shores of this country but they have all available accents and tell you they have traveled round the world. They tell you their parents stay in the UK and left them back here in naija but believe me, her mum is either 6ft below (forgive my French) or way back in the village doing better farm work. You get the drift right? An acquaintance friend even went as far as showing off the acquaintance’s house as her family house on the day of her introduction. Watch out!

2). Gold digger

These ones don’t want to know how you made the money o. Mbanu, it’s not her business. All she wants is to get her own chunk of the cash. Yes all ladies have eyes for them paper but the intelligent ones will ask you some probing and intelligent questions at some point before getting comfortable enough to settle in and have their own share of the cake. 😀

3). Amebo Specialist.

Amebo (Gossip) specialist ehn, these ones, uhmmm…… I bow for them. Now please don’t tell me its communication. Don’t! There is a difference between communication and aprokoism (gossip). If the conversation you have with her is just about her downloading her friends good and BAD (especially) sides and adventures into your hard drive, then watch it. How are you sure she can keep a secret. There should be a very high level of confidentiality in your partner. You never know when you will need that part of her. You can’t even tell if that’s the way she tells her friends of every little thing that has to do with you which is not healthy for a long term relationship.

4). Lazy women

No food for lazy man – No home for lazy woman.

I know some ladies will argue the fact that life have gotten easy with the production of so many home appliances and services of house help agencies. Still all that doesn’t cut out for being lazy. A lady has to be on top of her game to balance her career and marital (home) duties. To be a successful woman, you must be a super woman, multitasking and ready for the go. As a man, you can only support your woman, you can’t suddenly switch roles (well, except that’s what you want to do).

5). Never contented.

Make the mistake of loving this type and be sure to sell your mother to satisfy her. Yes, it’s that horrible. Liars, Gold diggers, Amebo Specialist and the Lazy ones can be managed to an extent with lots of counseling and divine intervention. But you see these one? Run! She compares you with Mr. A today, you try as much as you can to jump into Mr. A’s shoe for her sake then she suddenly moves to Mr. C.

Yes I know you need to be pushed as a man but you also need to be loved and appreciated. You don’t need to get exhausted and miss the happy fun part of life with your spouse all because you will be trying to live up to her every ever rising expectations for the rest of your life.

This type will drain you. You had better think twice.

 A word is enough the wise. He who has ears let him hear. He who has eyes let him read. Would be letting out some more types of women you shouldn’t bother dating soon. Stay subscribed 😉

If you have more to add or you don’t agree, please use the comment box. Thank you!

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  1. Nice read… I even believe this will be more important to women than us… cuz I know they want to know reasons why men should never bother dating them and how they can avoid it. even if it means pretending not to be any of these. Hehehe…but for how long can they keep it up before Elsie adds “pretenders” to the list. *winks

  2. Women with a high sense of entitlement. You know those ones that think they have some right to an easy life because they are women. Her plan is to just exist and have everything taken care of by someone else. Lots of these girls start of with Sugar Daddy’s in their youth then grow up to hunt down rich men for marriage. They are like gold diggers that actually believe they have a right to gold and so much more. I fear them well well

  3. The truth,as hard as it is must be told.Elsie,hw abt d group of women who sit and compete with men over a table of beer……I don’t think any guy would want a drunk for keeps…including,the group high on hard drugs….

    1. I’m with you on this one! I so HATE (yes I know it’s a strong word, but God forgive me) female alcoholics…..tufiakwa!

  4. The truth as hard as it is must be told…Elsie,hw abt the group of women who sit and compete with men over a table of beer….i don’t think any man would want a drunk and a junkie for keeps…

  5. Now the liars are the ones that are the most harmful to any man. The somehow envelope the other two traits.I know a lady that lie worse than the devil.My madam, once again, you hit the nail on the head.BRAVO!

  6. Chai! Well said. Please I am particular about the lazy type of women. U see I stay with my bro, his wife is as lazy as nobody. Lazy n dirty. Only have one kid . The only thing myself n my younger sister staying here don’t do for her is to bath her n sleep with her husband. And na full time house wife oh. Imagine say this type of woman dey work. And guys please don’t marry a wife because she can pray. That’s not what marriage is all about. Me n my sisters are now house helps n nanny’s anytime we come to our brother’s house.

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