The most important thing in journalism is to stay curious – Ines Pohl

Elsie Godwin and Ines Pohl on Plus TV Africa - elsieisy blog - DW

In terms of journalism and long-standing media platforms in the world, DW is one of the most authentic, focused and reputable platforms in the world. On this episode of One on One, Elsie Godwin speaks with the Editor-In-Chief, DW – Ines Pohl. She touches on the concept of true commitment to journalism, deep reportage, feminism and women climbing to a managerial position, Used concept at DW, African storytelling and so much more.

Watch full video below;

One on One is a program on Plus TV Africa where we have interesting conversations highlighting major issues in the society and proffering solutions where necessary with thought leaders and interesting personalities. Plus TV Africa broadcast in Nigeria and across Africa on DSTV CH 408 or watch online by clicking HERE.

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