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This baby girl lifestyle is definitely not easy and doesn’t come cheap. It requires a lot of hard work, calculation, intelligence, strength and poise. Being a baby girl doesn’t end at throwing the word around, you must show workings and if you are in doubt, ask the regional chair lady of baby girls – Toke Makinwa, she will tell you. You have probably heard the phrase – “Looking good is good business”, but for me, it goes beyond deciding to look good. It has become a necessity. As a media personality, it comes with the job to be easy on the eye. And because I am on Television every day of the week, it becomes even more necessary

FUN FACT – Looking good helps boost your confidence. If you look good, you will always perform your best without worrying about anything.

Early in the month of February, I got an email from Femme Luxe – A UK Fashion brand, asking if I could collaborate with them as a blogger. Their email notification popped up while I was fiddling with my phone and it caught my attention. I read through and I felt it was a fair deal. Then I do one of the things I have learnt to do over the years – search through my email for any pending email thread or past collaborations and that was when I realized that they have sent over 5 emails I did not attend to. Don’t blame me please, some of these emails from brands are a total waste of time and I also try to stay away from brands I do not align with. But this was different and working with them has been a stress free experience as there is someone ready to answer my questions (Just an email away) and they constantly updated me every step of the way.

Oh and I already have another email from them asking for us to move to our next collaboration. Can you tell how excited I am?


As you may have figured from my Instagram account, I am portable and in the gym regularly to maintain my petite body size but its been a constant battle between size 8 and 10. Ordering from femme Luxe is pretty safe as they help you figure out not just your size in different countries but your measurement as well. As for me, it depends on what outfit I am looking to purchase, I am either a small or medium on an average among various brands.

I am a very versatile person and this can be evident in my fashion style. I can rock almost any fashion outfit as long as I feel comfortable and beautiful in them. I don’t go for the trends and I don’t like being caged just like I don’t like being told what to do. LOL. So enjoy my choice of outfit in this first box of femme Luxe fashion items.

I went for a Grey Leopard print organza puff sleeve bodycon mini dress

Pink Glitter Velvet Strappy Mini Dress

I pair the dress with a Blazer and it gave me all the corporate vibe i needed

White organza mesh cuffed sleeve mini dress

This next outfit – White long sleeve belted utilty cargo, was me moving out of my comfort zone totally and i love it. I wore it to the fourth day of the just concluded social media week lagos and i must say i got the right doze of attention for the day. The cargo vibe definitely paid off and i must say this particular outfit looks and feels way more better than its being sold for.

Elsie Godwin at Social media week Lagos, 2020
I promise i was trying to achieve something here …LOL
Rate the outcome 🙂

Outfit Details

Grey Leopard print organza puff sleeve bodycon mini dress from Femme Luxe

Pink Glitter Velvet Strappy Mini Dress from Femme Luxe

White long sleeve belted utilty cargo From Femme Luxe

White organza mesh cuffed sleeve mini dress from Femme Luxe

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