The minds Battles

The minds Battles - art - elsieisy blog

Success – a word too narrow to define’

With God’s own Love and divine

We pinpoint and chastise our viewpoint to different angles.

Our mind, our greatest enemy.

Thoughts provoked and chained to your ankles.

Welcome to the block!

Your nightmare realized.

Actions are word clouded makes you want to put an end to the nerve.

Riches dug out

Treasures deep within left to die

The fortress in your head has started

Fallen early to wars unheard of

Your essence lost its fortitude

Ambushed by pressure,

wounded by Pain

and ripped apart by desires

Balance is needed, said your voice

Give in to him to get restored said your thoughts

Model it according to his own design

The potters hand superficial

Made it all out

Alas! A new creature emerged

A phoenix from the ashes of the past into the form of the future!

Yes It is I, the world should know how I arrived

echoed to the farthest of the Universe .

by Balogun Owomide

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