My Love Again You Awaken

#5DaysToVals - Write & Win (2)

#5DaysToVals Contest Entry Submitted by Adeyinka Joseph Alonge

In the wake of my brokenness!The words of heavy breathSmoothen smile turns tutChasing a colored filled hopeSongs to my ear, caught a brakeMy breath took a haltSo much love not reciprocatedA build up pressure in a lonesome aboundA heart whose love is shatteredOn the chariot of painI tread the path of graveBehold my world in pale of heavinessI beget the words of condolence to my failing heartThe genuity of my love up it disappears into vainWhat a world of normalcy displacedI lost my flair for loveAwesome as it isMiserable it can becomeI placed my cards close to my chestThis is a game of two mindsI give myself never to foolery againTruth be toldThis game I’ve lost interest*Sights*When I least expectedI was caught with a feast in famineAs another day cameI reminisced on how I met her and fell for her.As I entered the lab I bumped herWhile in my deepest thought,When I look into her eyes I was shocked and short of wordsStunned to a stillAll I could do is smileAs I stood gazing at herHer hello opened the floodgatesThose beautiful eyes, that even eclipse the Sun,That hair, as if a fountain of  black magic whose onslaught can drown any heart into the main of loveI asked myself if I was day dreaming, then I realized its reality.Her voice tickles my soulHer cheerful dispensationHer genuine smile they melt my heartShe asked me what I was doing; I said “my project”Within a short time I knew everything about her and she about meSuch a wonderful connectionSometimes I wonder why I haven’t met her long agoBut she told me, that the best comes into our lives when we least expectedI embrace the wind of change that comes with a breeze of affectionI came to terms with her worldThere sprung the waters of expression and emotionsI found it where I least expectedDeep beneath the oceans of serendipityNew water poured into an old poundDeeply profound feelingsMore than a woman, oh! Heaven giveth meI glow with happinessDark ages goneA new moon rises along the ocean pathOh heavens alight by the joy of my risen loveI play my chords in ecstasyThis deep love is reflected in every actions and thoughtsCare and affection comes from her naturally with all the long rosy talksDelighted by the waves of our auraA match made in heavenJoy with the support and assuranceAffection without measuresThroughout my life I will remember the course I took to finding her,Measure of happiness un quantifiedFor her unconditional love provides everlasting fragrance to all the airs that graced my breath.My love again you awaken.This is an experience that will live in my heart forever; I love you more everyday.

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    1. Moral of the lesson-Love will surely find u,and when it does it will be amazing. Nice piece Joseph, loved the way it ended in a climax. Thumbs up! It is a very nice piece.

  1. This is a true wake up call to her love. U have already confessed and reaffirmed your love for this Queen. U done a good job my friend. Keep it up.

  2. This lady is lucky to have you oh!see rhymes!lol! These words make love so beautiful and pure. Thumbs up Joe 🙂 ?

  3. Real love makes you forgot all heart breaks. Very crafty with words. that makes the poem super cool

  4. The best comes into our life when we least expected, not always but it a nice heart pouring poem.

  5. that hair as if a fountain of black magic that drown into the main of love. my favorite line . epic poem

  6. Ade nice job…… Just keep the passion burning. I trust your skill . Anyway i will be looking forward to another great poem. And i trust you will deliver. Be good.

  7. Sometimes when i read nice poems i wish i can write but God bless us all with different talents….. God will continually improve you. Thumbs up

  8. This is one of those poems you read that makes you believe yet again in love. Great poem

  9. Cool and lovely rhymes. Hope to see something other than love poem soon. Keep it up.

  10. Adeyinka this is really good…. I love the organisation brief and very explanatory nice story

  11. Wow! This is amazing, the carefully scripted words mimics the sculpture of a seasoned craftsman with a great attention to details

  12. This is astonishingly Romantic. A great piece cuddled with words of ecstasy. I really must commend your great article. It’s soothing, easily comprehensive and superb. Thumb’s up for ya bro. Mucha Luva

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