The House – 31 (R-18+)

The house

Click here for all episodesSESAN….My first move was to get in between Stella and Seyi before another blow was dealt which I was pretty sure Seyi wouldn’t recover from. “Stella, calm down na. Wetin happen?“…Wahidi was grabbingStella from behind, fool! I knew his hands were still going upwards and would end up on her boobs. Michael had moved to Seyi’s side and was helping her up along with Bode. And the girls from Aso rock have also arrived ‘fan club’ they were. “Sesan comot for there abi na wetin be your own sef“…that Yemisi was the first to speak up as I was expecting. I wish she was the one fighting Stella sef because e sure me die say she no go see draw both home and away. And it would helpsef if Stella could also beat the fake pregnancy out of her. Hmmm abi I should set both of them up to fight ni? hmmm maybe just maybe. “Abi Sesan carry yourself comot for there na! Ashewo oshi, na for this kain thing he go dey form chairman“…second in command Mimi don put mouth too. I just smiled and ignored them, facing Stella… “How far, iyawo why you wan kill this poor girl early momo na“… “Sesan if you like yourself and you still wan dey live this house, comot for my front“…I didn’t miss the subtle threat which we both knew she couldn’t carry out but then again threat na threat. I didn’t move an inch. “Stella abeg cool down na, wetin she do?” Wahidi was asking with his hands all over Stella’s belly, we all knew where those hands were going to end up.”Nobody cares about what she has done, why the hell would you hit her like that?!” Everyone just paused to stare at Bode, ohhhh this boy don dey get mind these days o. Wetin concern am for this matter now, I hit my forehead with my palm  and removed my hand just in time to see Ibironke hiss and run off to a corner. “Where this one dey run go, who she be sef?“…one of the newbie Aso rock girls hissed. Well the reply to that question came with  bottle smashing, omo mehn this Ibironke of a girl was a grade A tout. The way she smashed the bottle had everybody including voltron Stella taking a step backwards and she didn’t even care that her towel had fallen off and she was with just a thong and bra. Was my dick nodding? I made a mental note to check as I noticed all the guys had turned their gaze to her including Wahidi whose arms were still wrapped firmly around Stella. “Omo gbagbe oshi, bone packaging o. I be confirm omo isale  eko“…She shouted and judging by the way which she held thebottle, no one could fault her claim. I took another step backward, today might not be my day of redemption after all. I sure as hell didn’t plan on getting stabbed today. “Ehn wetin sef? Who you dey use bottle threaten? Stella nofear. We dey behind you, beat both of them“…that dumb Yemisi uttered without moving closer. I dey tell you this girl had iota of sense whatsoever. Still beats me how Bode choose her out of all the oskabos in aso rock. “Everybody calm down, Ibironke please drop the bottle before you hurt someone“…Everyone paused and turned to look at Bode again. This boy, this boy. “Oya come Stella, wetin the girl do you sef?“…Michael finally asked the most important question. He didn’t get a reply though as Stella still with Wahidi’s arms still around her just gave him a cold stare. “Yeah, Stella what did she do to you?“…now there was no reaction as Bode spoke. “Ask her o before I stab her in 99 places” Ibironke raked. Stella eyed her and hissed before standing hands akimbo (Wahidi’s arms still around her). Then she spoke… “Imagine this useless girl go go dey fuck my papa dey collect all him money dey form posh girl. Me I go come house to collect rent, the man go dey tell me say no money. I no know say na this ashewo dey collect everything finish come dey form responsible idiot!” Blackky let out a very dumb whistle that almost had me laughing but I checked myself just in time considering the serious matter at hand. But then again last time I checked,Seyi said she was a les na abi what was going on abi the girl don use my head play baba ijebu? The girls from aso rock were as quiet as could be, you couldn’t expect any reaction from them. They were all guilty of the same crime Seyi was just accused of. “Ehen and so?! If she is fucking your father nko?! You too tell your father to keep his dick to himself“…Ibironke hissed and charged at Stella. Bode stepped right in between them. This boy don mad o! “Please calm down, you might kill someone“…He said without showing any emotion whatsoever. Ghen ghen you go fear Bruce lee na. Well if anything happened to him na me him mama go hold. She won’t want to know that her son was the one forming knight in shining armour. So with one mind, na so me sef enter the middle o but I didn’t say anything though, just stood my ground. “See wahala o, if everybody dey settle fight na this half man go chook mouth?“…Ibironke said loud enough for everyone to hear. “Madam shut up, you just go into this house yesterday and you already want to kill someone. Who are you by the way and the bush?” I countered without giving anyone time to react to her jab. I noticed her grip on the bottle get tighter. Sesan, get mind, get mind…na once man pikin dey die na. “Ibironke, leave them…See them all these ashewos plus this fool accusing me of taking care of her father“..Seyi had finally recovered from the blow that sent her yakata to the floor, thank God. “Ehn, who you dey call ashewo, na your mama be ashewo! Oloribu!”All the girls from Aso rock started at her as Yemisi took the lead and charged at her. Stella too also attempted running at her but Wahidi’s hands on her slowed her pace and perhaps saved her life because as Yemisi ran at Seyi and got closer, Ibironke pushed Bode out of the way and with one swing of the broken bottle in her hand slashed up a cut right across Yemisi’s stomach. Since no one had cared enough to push me out of the way, I dived to the right not before having a splash of Yemisi’s blood over me. Michael had moved several steps away and was now standing right behind Seyi, what he was doing there, I don’t know. I stood up just to check out the blood stains all over me. “Yeee!!! She don kill am oo!“…Mimi screamed as she stood rooted to a spot. Ibironke didn’t even flinch as Yemisi fell to the ground clutching her stomach. Bode had collided with Stella and Wahidi and had sent them crashing to the ground with Wahidi”s hands on their final destination. Bode recovered quickly and rushed to Yemisi’s side and felt her pulse. “She is still alive, hospital!!!” He shouted to make himself heard amidst the screaming and waling by the Aso rock girls yet none had moved close to Yemisi. Blackky ran out the compound probably to get a cab. As he ran out, he nearly collided with Boka who was just returning with his bags and luggage from the village. “Who die?” …were the first words he uttered.Written by Bass. Twitter – @Bass_ige

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