The godfather – 7

The godfather by Gere Ochuko

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Come in” Mavwe yelled from within her room.“Can I spend the night here?” Emilia asked and without waiting for an answer got onto her bed.“Knock yourself out, the bed is all yours”“When you overheard my conversation earlier, you acted weirdly. You didn’t react” Emilia went on talking but got no response from her. It seems her mind is far away only her body is presence.“Huh?” Mavwe said jolting back to reality“What’s going on with you?”“Life…. Get some sleep” Mavwe said tucking herself in.“You know, Garen wasn’t always like this. We both went through a lot, that’s why seeing him like this is really breaking my heart. I was really happy when I got to know that you were here, because you had him on life not revenge. I wish I didn’t encourage him on revenge, I lost my family because of it. So understand that I don’t want you to leave, I don’t like staying away from my parents especially Garen but I can’t stay with them. This right here is your family but you can’t even see it, don’t allow Garen to tear our family apart… Are you listening to me?”“Uhh…”“You can talk to me Mavwe”“I think I will pass, I am all good. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bug bite” Mavwe said turning off the bedside lamp.Mavwe couldn’t get her mind off her meeting with Timon, after she visited her father in prison she had gone to Timon’s to tell him the news. They had planned on going to the authority with the evidence they had against the godfather if things spilled out of hand, but it didn’t exactly spill out of hand.Mavwe went to tell Timon the good news that the godfather was letting her father go, but got another news.


Timon?” Mavwe said knocking nonstop on his door“Mavwe?”“Erm…”“Come in Mavwe, Timon is inside“Do I know you?”Timon told me about you”“Mavwe?!” Timon called surfacing from within“I will leave you two alone”“Timon, what’s going on?”I was going to tell you when it was over, but-”“But?” Mavwe chipped in“But…..I think you should know, it’s not some big secret. You always brought your family first, when I needed you most you were with your family. It was always family…family over everything. Even when we were courting it was your family first, when we were about to get married, family first, what is it with you and family? I tried so hard to put up with it, to understand that family is important, to help you work out your family issues but I couldn’t, it’s exhausting. I can’t do this anymore, I am sorry but it’s over…. I was going to tell you when your father was out of jail or you being free from the godfather grip but….. Am sorry. I can’t compete with your family…..”“Where is the evidence?” Mavwe asked looking away trying to hide her emotions.“Mavwe…..”“Give me the evidence”Timon gave the evidence to Mavwe, she was about leaving but was stopped by Timon’s words.“I know am hurting you right now, I may never understand why you had to worship the ground your family walks on, why you gave up so much for them but I will always be here for you. I will always be your friend and stand by you Mavwe”Mavwe merely nodded and left, since that moment nothing has been the same for her, not even when she overheard Emilia and Smith conservation. She had cried her eyes out over a long period of time that her tears and facial expression are betraying her, they hold no emotion.She slept off the moment she got home but was woken by their argument, but that didn’t matter cause she still felt numb.She wanted to cry, shout, throwing things but didn’t feel like it, she was extremely exhausted and Timon’s words kept echoing in her head.“You always brought your family first, when I needed you most you were with your family. It was always family……family over everything.”“I tried so hard to put up with it, to understand that family is important, to help you work out your family issues but I couldn’t, it’s exhausting. I can’t do this anymore, am sorry but it’s over….Those words rang nonstop in her head, that sleep didn’t reach a mile radius near her.———————–“Someone seem to be in an awful mood since last night” Emilia said yawning and stretching. Mavwe stared out the window without replying a word.“What happened to you? You haven’t talked or done anything”“Why do you stay away from your family when you love them so much?“Huh!  Wasn’t expecting you to speak to me, after sharing your bed which was cozy by the way. And my family…… I do love them very much, but I can’t be with them. It hurts so much…… I can’t explain, hope you understand.”“Understood” Mavwe said still looking out the window. Emilia stared at Mavwe wondering what got her shaken up.*************“Garen” Mia called from the kitchen.“He has gone out Mia”“I don’t understand what’s going on with him, he’s up before anyone else, comes back when everyone is asleep”“Not everyone” Emilia chipped in.“Meaning?”Mavwe doesn’t sleep either, she always staring into space. When you talk to her she doesn’t respond or move a muscle but responds only when it has a connection to family“What’s happening?” Mia said sitting.“Honestly, I think it’s Garen’s fault. He’s the one responsible for Mavwe’s continuous staring into space and tearing our family apart, and you helped him so you too are partly to blame”“Placing blame Ems, nice way to walk out of this situation you started“I was young and hurt, I was in shock, I experience a brutal murder. What was I supposed to do?”“Then when he needed you most, you left him”“I couldn’t go along with it among dad!” Emilia yelled“And I stepped in and took your place Jose-ann”“Don’t you call me that”“Cut it off you two, this is not helping” Mia told them holding her head.“He started it and guess what you helped him grow into the villain he is now…..”And Jose-ann? What did she help Garen become? He made Garen the feared, unseen yet present godfather, took part in deals, settlements-”“You are trying to save your own skin” Emilia chipped in.“So are you”“Don’t mind me, I came to get water. Do continue tearing each other apart” Mavwe said walking into the kitchen.“What’s wrong Mavwe?” Mia asked and all eyes were on her“I came to get water“I can see that but what’s happening to you?”What’s happening to the family you love and cherish? The family you gave up everything for? A family you lived for….?” Mavwe asked“What happened mom?” Emilia asked“Am….am sorry” Mavwe apologized when she noticed the damage her words caused and left.************“Garen what’s going? You’re hardly seen around”“Been busy“I heard you are spreading your clamped wings, you are not that person any more. You are not mean, heartless, inhuman-”“You know the truth about me” Garen said walking away but stopped when he heard Mia’s words“You are walking away? What’s your reason this time? You always had a reason to this time?” Mia asking with a stern face and placing her hand on her waist.“That look doesn’t suit you” Garen said chuckling“Lying doesn’t suit you either”“Emilia left today in a very horrible mood” Garen said changing the topic“I have you to thank for that”***********Mavwe growled, she had tried to sleep for the first time since Timon broke up with her. With sleepy eyes she got out of bed, to find out the cause of the rackets, she followed the direction of the noise and got to the living room only to find him in a pool of blood.

Written by Gere Ochuko

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