The godfather – 3

The godfather by Gere Ochuko

Click here for previous postsMavwe stood terrified by her window, staring at the deep blue sky wondering what next to do? Where to go? Who to turn to?Mavwe sigh and exhale, she sat on the floor placing her head on the wall as tears ran down her cheeks. “What’s godfather going to do to me?” Mavwe asked herself even though she doesn’t know the answer.‘After everything mom told me last night am really drained, what do I do when I meet the godfather? What will he do to me?’************“I understand you asked for the godfather” Mr. Smith said walking to Mavwe’s father Mr. Edewor in the visitor’s room.“I know that my daughter snooping around acted as a bridge in our contact but please don’t hurt my little girl”“Your little girl isn’t so little anymore Mr. Edewor, she’s beautiful, elegant, and extremely pretty. I am sure the godfather would be pleased. That’s why you chose to go to prison to protect your princess. Well she made her choice. The godfather will claim that which is rightfully his tomorrow.”“Please, don’t hurt my daughter” Mr. Edewor pleaded“That will be up to the godfather to decide” Mr. Smith said standing up adjusting his gory suit.“Please”“I take my leave now Mr. Edewor, and I believe there haven’t been any problem. Take care of yourself Meredith will need that from you. Mr. Edewor” Mr. Smith said before leaving.************Mavwe walked into an eatery, she didn’t bother checking if someone was following her or not. Over the days that followed after her mom told her everything, she didn’t bother checking if she was being followed or not.She now knows for sure that the godfather is watching every step she made, everywhere she goes to, her entire life under his microscope. It’s really terrifying knowing that someone is watching me every moment.“Excuse me ma’am”Mavwe jumped at the voice, she was so deep in thoughts that she didn’t notice when the waitress came to her.“What would you take?” The waitress asked“Am sorry, just water”“Ok” the waitress answered then left.Mavwe ran her hand through her hair and exhaled, “when will this be over?” She asked herself. “I am exhausted, I don’t want a life looking over my shoulders”************Mavwe walked into the house mind absently. She didn’t notice that the house was in complete darkness, she was about to ascend the stairs when a baritone voice stopped her.“Hello Mavwe”Mavwe turned slowly in direction of the voice. The light came on and a man on suit sat beside her mother, another sitting opposite them, while three stood beside them also on suit.Mavwe stood terrified and speechless, she looked around were to run to? Is there any place she can literary run to where the godfather can’t find her. Nowhere to go, no more postponing the evil day cause It’s here, happening right now and unlike fairy tales, there’s no happy ending.Mavwe took slow steady steps towards the men seated. As Mavwe drew closer to them, the lights suddenly went out. That sent chill down her spine, she could literary feel her heart in her mouth.A faint light shunned in her direction and that was it.***************Mavwe heard laughter and voices, none sounded familiar. She lazily opened her eyes and stretched, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her arm. She looked at her arm and saw drip fixed to her arm, she sat up.She looked around nothing familiar, a sudden fear engulfed her. ‘Where am I? I was walking towards a man sitting opposite mom when I passed out. I think he’s the godfather, he came for me but mom….. She look so scared-‘“Good to see you are awake” she looked at the direction of the voice.“You are not supposed to be lying down” A woman said approaching her while two men stood at the door. Mavwe adjusted to make space for the woman.“Who are you? Where am I? Where’s my mom? Where’s the godfather? He came-”“My name is Mrs. Smith but you can call me Mia, that’s my husband” she said pointing to the older man at the door “and you are safe dear. So is your mother”“I am Mr. Smith, I was at your house. We came to…….” Mr. Smith said approaching her. “Well take you but you passed out. I think you were frightened and in shock. I brought you here and you have sleeping in and out for weeks”“Weeks?!” Mavwe screamed“Weeks, Smith? Is that the best you could come up with? You slept mostly, woke up and slept again. The doctor said you were extremely tired and exhausted. Your body was shutting down already.”“You just need bed rest Mavwe, you will be back on your feet in no time” Mia said smiling. Mavwe sighed, then it hit her. Mia called me by my name, she said am safe. I slept mostly for maybe days then Mr. Smith came to take me, the godfather knows am here. He brought me here why have he not made a move?’ Mavwe thought to herself before speaking.“Are you the godfather?”No, he’s the godfather right hand man” the man at the door chipped in.“Seriously Garen, that’s the best you could come up with? What happened to PA? Fore man? Secretary? Special Agent-”You won’t fit in them trust me” Garen chipped in shrugging his shoulders.“Don’t you two start, that obvious clown who isn’t funny is my son Garen” Mia told Mavwe adjusting the covers on Mavwe.“When will the godfather be here? I want to see him”“You are on bed rest and the godfather understands that, you will see him when you’re stronger” Garen answered.“How’s my mom? I want to speak with my family please” Mavwe pleaded“Mr. Right hand man will do that for you” Garen said chuckling“Your family is safe Mavwe”************Garen sat in his office, staring at Mavwe on the screen of the computer. Garen had installed cameras everywhere in the mansion, he monitored everywhere and everyone in the mansion. He didn’t want to take chances, you never can tell when something might pop up next.“You are focusing only on Mavwe, what happen to viewing the whole mansion at once” Mia told Garen taking a sit beside him.“Nothing”“Why are there hi-techs in here if you want to stare at a lady go to the bar. That’s why bars exist”“Mia, where’s Smith?” Garen asked changing the topic.“Training camp, he went to tell them that the godfather won’t be evaluating them anytime soon” Mia said smiling.“Why?”“Have seen the way you stare at Mavwe from a distance even in here….”“And? your point exactly?”Garen you are no longer the godfather, you’re the love-father.”“I am the godfather Mia not some fantasy you made up”“Smith looks at me the same way you are looking at Mavwe. You are in love with Mavwe Delphine Edewor, Love-father” Written by Gere Ochuko

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  1. Started out quite fine but it’s getting too cheesy and predictable and grammatical errors.Still reading sha

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