Story of an Abandoned 14year Old Boy at Umuahia Prisons

story of an abandoned 14 year old boy at Umuahia Prisons - elsieisy blog

Article was sent to LIB by AbsuLawclinic – a non-profit unit in the Faculty of Law Abia State University, Uturu, that render probono legal services to people who can’t afford lawyers. Read the article below:

The story you are about to read discloses one of the pathetic yet interesting cases that ABSU Law Clinic, through its services to the community is handling. It is pitiable to see that in a world where it is loudly proclaimed that children are the leaders of tomorrow, a 14 years old boy, lavishes behind bars for roughly 2 years for a crime he has not been convicted of.

Even as an orphan, his potentials has made him a cynosure at Umuahia prisons, Afara, where he has been remanded all this while. His name is Chima Chimaroke and this is his story;

Chima Chimaroke was born in January 2001 into the family of the Chimas, from Umuekwuele in Afugiri, Umuahia, Abia State.

Unfortunately for him he lost his parents and only twin brother at a very tender age.

Despite these challenges Chimaroke exhibited swift learning abilities that led him to acquire skills in phones and other electronics devices repair. He further harnessed his swift learning abilities at Umuahia prisons where he is a barber and the sole shoe maker.

Just as a man on a swing sways in whatever direction the wind blows, Chimaroke was soon swallowed up in social vices as he lacked the attention, love and direction he would have gotten from his late parents. As a boisterous young man, he began to fend for himself by hawking Lacasera and Gala on the streets as the family he found himself in had no eye for him.

He was introduced into the world of crime by his co-hawkers who compelled him to stand as a lookout while they carried out their devious plans. As a fresh man in the world of crime, he was the only one arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery whilst the ringleaders are graciously at large.

Through the joint efforts of the ABSU LAW CLINIC and the office of the Chief Judge of Abia state, Chimaroke was granted bail during the jail delivery that took place on the 4th of May, 2016.  But we are faced with a problem, thus;

Chimaroke is an orphan with no immediate relatives except for his stepmother and step brothers. The stepmother has refused to have anything to do with him and has gone on to prevent her children from helping out. Saying that China is an “abandoned government property”.

It was a herculean task for ABSU LAW CLINIC to locate, communicate with and convince one of his step brothers to sign Chimarokes bail bond. Although by Gods intervention he agreed to sign but on the condition that Chimaroke is not welcomed in their home as their mother would not allow it. He said he could only sign it if we could provide accommodation or a place to rehabilitate Chimaraoke.


Chimaroke needs to be taught love where he has seen hate, peace where he has seen chaos, a home where he has been left on the streets.Chimaroke need YOU to harness his talent where his talent has been left dormant.

His stay in the prison has done more harm than good to him and the society at large, as he would be molded from the things he learns now. Chimaroke is susceptible to change and only needs the right hands to lead him aright.

The ABSU LAW CLINIC calls on non-governmental organizations, individuals to help provide a home and a means of livelihood for Chimaroke. We see a lot of potentials and possibilities in Chima and we want you to join in his progress.  As it stands, we are the only ones the little boy has. His only hope – it is one of our duties to the community.


AbsuLawclinic is a non for profit unit in the Faculty of Law Abia State University, Uturu. We are collaborating with Network of University Legal Aid Institution (NULAI) to render probono legal services to indigent members of the society.


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  1. Oh my goodness, this is quite pathetic, a child with no parental guidance, love and care has every tendency to be corrupted like this boy. Well the harm has been done but right now the best place for him is a rehabilitation centre, where he will get to meet children like him who once we victim of circumstances but today are living meaningful live. An then he must be kept on close surveillance and also drawn to God. Because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

  2. This young man needs attention and care. I don’t think he even needs to go back to his family. Right now what he needs is a rehablitation centre to guide his path. This is a very critical moment in his life. God have mercy.

  3. Best thing for the kid is a psych and mental evaluation and he really needs to talk to someone (I mean a psychiatrist) cause I can only imagine what a young boy of that age could have gone through in that prison

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