Stating it how I feel because….Emotions stored in the body is dangerous

Stating it how I feel because....Emotions stored in the body is dangerous

For a while I haven’t been putting down things as they come to mind because some part of me that is concerned about how other people feel about what I write was woken up by ‘God knows who’ (if I catch the person ehn, na beating sure pass).

Although I think it’s an adverse effect of social media activities especially Facebook. You know how you put up something and someone somewhere feels you shouldn’t have said that because people are looking up to you. yeah, i get that a lot. I wonder where the memo said I should stop being human because I am a blogger.

And that’s the very reason why you haven’t been reading much from me. I left the writing (putting it down as I feel) field for just blogging – Sharing awesome works of writers, of creative minds and doing just that moves me to tears. But I am not satisfied. Something within me isn’t getting the right attention. I went into deep thoughts a couple of minutes before I started typing this and at the end of it I said to myself; “Do you know this is how people commit suicide?” LOL

Suppressed emotions eventually erupt.

Yes, don’t be surprised, I am not anywhere close to thinking suicide. Tufikwa! But stored up emotions can be very dangerous.

Sometimes illness is the direct result of past trauma and emotions stored in the body.

However, I think it’s a revelation for me and a call back to putting it down the way I see/feel it. Doesn’t mean I don’t care about what people feel, it just means I have decided to switch back to my normal mode. In my normal mode, I am blunt to a fault. I talk about me, my friends, topics you wouldn’t want to talk about in public 😀 , analyze what went down and even tell stories around them. And it is me being therapeutic.

It doesn’t matter how what I put down made someone feel because s/he refused to see the message in my own thoughts, what matters more to me is how many people I can reach out to with putting myself out there.

supressing emotion

So I welcome myself back to doing me (of course my podcasts are there too) and I apologize in advance if I vex annoy you soon.

I will rant whatever I want to rant about on my space, its either you love it or hate it enough to use the comment box and start a real conversation.

Stay tuned!

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