Sport and risks: How to remain harmless during workouts

Sport and risks - How to remain harmless during workouts - - elsieisy blog

Sport has become some kind of a new religion: the desire to conform to global fitness trend has captivated many of us. Everyone has his own reasons — from striving for perfect body and perfect health to searching for fresh experiences and new acquaintances. Entering “faster, higher, stronger!” regime, we often forget that the human body is stable, but still a fragile “thing”, and trying to bring it into shape at times we come to the opposite effect — new health problems.

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Everyone knows that regular light jogging, swimming lessons and morning gymnastics are universal health measures. Nevertheless, even these sports loads have several contraindications, not to mention the lessons at the gym with an impressive weight or prolonged aerobic workouts of high intensity. At the highest risk are those who are long time in sports at an intensive mode.

No wonder there is a separate sphere in medicine that studies the physiology of sport: you can find the answer to a question what kind of physical activity is right for you. In big sport they apply laboratory diagnostics of suitability for a particular sport.

Sport and risks - How to remain harmless during workouts - - elsieisy blog

It includes verification of performance in different types of loads, the analysis of parameters of muscle fibers and even the definition of specific genes. Everybody has different physiological indicators, which means that it is “sharpened” under different types of loads.

All budding athletes are being diagnosed: it allows to find out what sport suits them the best, as well as to find the optimal ways to improve the performance of the athlete (running speed, jump height, etc.).

Sport and risks - How to remain harmless during workouts - - elsieisy blog

Contraindications in sport largely depend not only on the intensity of physical activity, but also on its type. There are different types of load: aerobic and anaerobic, static and dynamic, and different types of loads easily coexist in one workout.

People with hypertension, angina, arrhythmia, heart failure should not train using power equipment, lift barbells, and perform isometric (static) exercises. Doctors don’t recommend anaerobic exercises to people who have heart problems: if you hold muscles in tense for too long, you risk having the jump in blood pressure, arrhythmia or stroke.Sport and risks - How to remain harmless during workouts - - elsieisy blog

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