#Poetry – Some Soldier the Storm

Dogwoods bloom white along the side of the street

signaling early scenes of spring to come


Sun shines clear on a bright blue day

No glasses to shield the light

Penetrate my open eyes

Grant me a vision of purpose


A beat-up Ford station wagon

with wood paneling from the 1980’s

speeds by as a flash of childhood memories arise


Detox Avenue is no slice of pie in the sky

Red apples spill their juice

to cleanse my blood

and sing their song of life through my liver


Dancing alone on a bridge in the woods

as thoughts of her heart serenade my mind

Each step is a prayer spoken along with a mantra

designed to reduce the distance between


Glistening water gently flows

over rocks made smooth by time

as my soul undergoes a trial by fire


Birds chirp from their perch in the trees

Clue me in on the symphony’s secret

Teach me the calm that arrives after storms


Dreams of friends that I haven’t seen in years

Dreams of loved ones that could not be saved

rage with an anger I try to understand

Dreams of a past that must be forgiven

Dreams of a future that offers a path forward


Strangers pass by on an afternoon walk

Some smile

Some wave

Some turn away

Some happy

Some healthy

Some broken on their cross

in this world that can be so cruel


Two squirrels chase each other

through the leaves and pine straw

Nature has a way of flashing its smile

at the perfect moment


Some suffering is only temporary

Some synchronicity is free of all charge

Some soldiers reunited with their family today

Some shoulders will prove to carry the weight

by Scott Thomas Outlar

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