A day will remain – #Blogfest

#50DayCountDownTo2015 – Day 45. Written by Tobi DipeA day will forever remainFor days are but passing memories,Always passing,Slowly, steadily, solemnly.Riding passionately on the back of times,Shunted back and forth like the dawn, and the dusk,By the setting, and rising of the sun.The shadows tell of the day,Of the sun, and the wind,Walking on the grounds of the atmosphere,Surrounded by the noisy chatter,Of mortals, and saints,Serenading the footpath of nature.Times I fall asleep,And wish to never wake,Remains the dusk of day.The dusk of day,When mortals and immortals alike,Have retired to the bossom of their minds,To the solace of their souls,To the freedom of their hearts,I wish to never wake,From the deep slumber of humanity,For reality is an illusion,And the reality I desire,Remains in the subconcious of my humanity.A day will forever remain,For memories will forever pass, and rideOn the back of times.Twitter – @PhePoet For inquiries, send mails to elsieisy@gmail.com or tweet at @elsieisy

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