See your horrible feet palm


I saw the picture (horrible feet palm)  above on Instagram and I couldn’t help bringing it here. Knowing fully well that there are dirty men out there too who really don’t care, ladies please please and please, your personal hygiene is very important.

You don’t even need to be in a relationship or be sexually active to up your personal hygiene, it should be part of you. I wonder how a human will leave his or her shelter as early as 5am (yes, thumbs up for being hardworking) for work, then get back home at nothing earlier than 7pm and feel very comfortable jumping into bed without washing his or her body.

I wonder how a human being would use the same undies like forever.

I also wonder how a human being would use a towel for more than 2months without washing it. What planet are you from?

Its awesome your skin is so used to germs and it doesn’t have adverse effect on you anymore but bear in mind that you wouldn’t know who you would be spending a night with or forever with. Imbibe good personal hygiene to your way of living today. Let it be a way of life to you, be you male or female.

Guys, what would be your next move though?

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  1. I wouldn’t even want to find my self in such a situation cos I take my time to look @ a girls feet. Really sad to see this!!!

  2. Lmaoooooooo!!!! I don’t even know what I will do. Ok, maybe i will start by asking you if you know what your soles look like. I sha know i will say something veryyyy sarcastic.

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