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by Samuel Oluwatobi Olatunji “baby girl, are you writing a book of lamentations to God?” “why should I write such?” “because that is the only thing one can write from morning to night without eating” “well, there are other things to write about jare” “things like what please?” “you will soon find out” “I’m curious o” “well, I am writing my memoir” “hmmm… Toke has inspired you too?” “well, before Toke, I have always dreamt of writing a memoir” “wow… interesting… I have something I have always dreamt of too o”“and what is that?” “to be like Maje….” “Maje what?” “Maje Ayida…  You know… tall, rich big boy with girls buzzing around me…” “Olorun maje ooo… I reject such dream for your destiny” “Well, I think it may make your memoir as interesting as that of Toke’s” “you’re disturbing my muse, baby boy.. leave me alone” “Well, can you read the first paragraph to me?” “Hmmm… can’t you wait for me to finish first?” “oh, but how far have you gone?” “well, just about 500 words…” “500 words? Since morning? What happened? Your muse dies and resurrects like abiku?” “I’m stuck jare… this writing thing is not easy o” “hahahaha.. maybe you should just go and get a ghost-writer…” “well, if Toke can do it, I can do it too” “Were you there when Toke was writing? How do you know she didn’t get a ghost-writer?” “well, who cares? All I know is that Toke has written a book that everyone should read” “hmmm.. well, I don’t think I want to read the book sha” “are you serious?” “Very serious” “then you want us to break up then?” “break up for what?” “see I give you three days to read the book, and not just read o, read and review the book” “ahhhh…” “I hope to see the review and publish it on my blog” “tell me you are kidding?” “I look like a clown, right? If you don’t read and review the book, just forget about me and our relationship” “mehn, this is serious.. egbami… is it by force to read the book?” “It’s by force o… by fire by force” “ok ooo, I have heard you” “better… oya come and read what I have written so far, and tell me what you think” “hmmm… I hope it is interesting sha?” “well, you will never know until you read it” “ok, ma’am… pass me your laptop” “have it, and please handle with care… I don’t have money for another laptop in this recession period o” “ok, ma’am” “cool… good boy!”Click HERE for previous parts of Scribbles of Our Stupidity!!!

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  1. Your stories are really short and it takes forever for you to publish them. Nawa. The wait gets tiring and people start to get bored All the same, nice story.

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