Safe Online Shopping: 5 Best Tips

Best tips for online shopping -elsieisy blog

There are many reasons why online shopping is becoming more and more popular with every year. You get to buy all kinds of products without leaving the comfort of your home; there are irresistible deals, sales, and bargains; and the selection of goods is truly mind-blowing. Find out how to have the safest online shopping experience and buy anything you need on Jiji (, where you’ll find the deals from the leading Nigerian sellers.

1. Keep your data to yourself

While shopping online, the most a company may want from you is your banking card number and CVV code, name, and home address for delivery. There is no reason for a store to ask for more sensitive data, both personal and financial. Whenever you’re approached by the company and asked for anything that exceeds the standard amount of data, consider it a reason to terminate the deal and leave the store.

Best tips for online shopping -elsieisy blog

2. Use an anti-virus software

Even if you’re absolutely confident in an online store’s good intentions, there are still bad guys waiting for the users to make a mistake. Letting a virus infect your system can result in all kinds of unpleasant consequences, including compromising your financial data and stealing money from your account. There are great free anti-viruses both for Windows computers and Android mobile devices, so you can feel protected at no cost.Best tips for online shopping -elsieisy blog

3. Stick to established stores

There are websites, like, that have been in the online shopping market for years and have accumulated thousands of happy customers. While shopping at those websites, you can be confident that your data and finances will stay intact. However, new, small, and unknown online stores may have flaws in their system that can be easily exploited by hackers, resulting in the loss of money or overall disappointing experience for the buyers.Best tips for online shopping -elsieisy blog

4. Conduct your own safety check

Sometimes there is such a great deal that you can’t help but shop at an unknown website. In that case, as well as in case of buying from any other store, you can carry your own quick security check. When you move to the checkout page, the website address should start with “https” instead of “http” and have a green padlock sign before it – if those two things are there, you know that the connection is secure and it’s safe to continue shopping.

Best tips for online shopping -elsieisy blog

5. Watch out for too attractive offers

There is a good rule of thumb when it comes to online shopping: if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t . Whenever you see flashing banners or Facebook announcements promising designer clothing, brand new electronics, expensive smartphones, and any other goods at a fraction of a price, stay alert, because those deals are likely some form of scam.

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