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Prison Break Season 5, Episode 1.

Spoiler Alert.


We get thrown into the middle of a car hot behind Lincoln’s cute ass and he manages to hide from them as the mouth off the ungodly things they would do when they get him and he isn’t able to pay his debt. Some obviously large sum of money and don’t get me started by counting in Naira. He meets T-Bag on his porch looking dapper in his suit, fresh out of FOX River’s penitentiary with a package that was sitting there waiting for him.

Dialogue credit, Theodore T-Bag Bagwell: “Don’t you look at me like I’m trash, my house is in order and I’m clear with the government, the DOC and my God”.

He shows him the package that has a picture of Michael behind bars, yeah, Michael Scoffield of course. Lincoln tells him to get out and disagrees that Michael can in no way be alive, a message is below the picture that reads “By your own hand, you shall know the glories of your progeny and our world will be made right forever more”. Though he flies to New York, Syracuse to see a married Sarah, he notices that he is being tailed from the airport. We meet Sarah’s husband Jacob and Mike, her son, Michael’s son, the chosen one, the … okay let me stop there.

She says he can’t be alive and that he was terminally sick, but Linc doesn’t believe it for a moment because let’s be frank that message sounds so mischievously like Michael. Then he catches something in the light when he visits the grave; some part of the message is darker than some and since he has had four seasons of practice in the Scoffield-mystery-inc, he erases the message to reveal the word OGYGIA! Tell me you don’t smell Michael already. He Googles the word and it is a prison in Yemen.  So here is what he does: he digs Michaels’ grave and sure enough the two timed sneaky son of a devil is not there, he takes his supposedly fine looking cream burial suit.

T-Bag meets Dr. Whitcombe after he finds an appointment booked on the laptop he just retrieved after his release; the Dr. tells him he will receive a surgery on prosthetics that would give him workable robotic limbs.

Attempt on Lincoln’s life by one Van Gogh guy that sees him hack his car and drive it into a swamp, he would have finished him off had some bystanders not been there asking him what happened.

Linc calls Sarah and tells her everything so far, just then the pickup that had tailed him earlier pulls up her driveway and she encounters Miss white-shock-of-hair-remorseless-operative that shoots her husband and had her only for the blast of sirens to save her from early death. She tells Linc that she can’t do THIS, whatever THIS is, and Linc decides to look for someone to help him with Yemen. Guess who?

Meanwhile, T-Bag has a successful surgery and thanks the Dr. by trying to smash his head into the window, the Dr. tells him that ‘Outis’ meaning ‘no one’ paid for the procedure.

C-note: all ‘Asalamalekun’ length of him, with Jihad and Peace and everything we don’t want to hear from him coming out of that mouth. He helps Lincoln confirm that truly the prison is real but when they call, there was no Michael Scoffield in the prison system. The prison is even said to be for ‘Political Criminals’. Now here comes the shocker: a Google search for Michael scoffield revealed a man, white of course, with full head of hair and a face that could not be Michael’s by any stretch of imagination! What da?

Okay, Linc is going surely even C-Note can’t persuade him otherwise. In the hotel he wear that suit, now dry cleaned, and punches Sucre in the face by mistake, we all thought someone was sneaking up on him.

At the airport he tells Sucre he cannot go with him and the argument ended when C-Note shows up and they fly to Yemen.

Miss white-shock-of-hair-remorseless-operative and Van Gogh sends their picture to some people who would obviously be waiting in Yemen.

Yemen, in the middle of the civil war, the wrong driver snatches them up and drives them into an ambush but this one’s came to kill people with hammers and crowbars and are disciplined.

Dialogue Credit, C-Note: “Greetings from the United States Prison system, bitches”.

Sheba, who is C-Note’s contact in Yemen shows up and drives them to a safe house where they meet Sheba’s contact, Omar who asks for Lincoln’s passport in exchange for arranging a visit to Ogygia. He gives it to him and here we go: Ogygia looks like the ghetto of FOX River and a hybrid of Sona.

The guards tell them that there is no Michael Scoffield, but Omar had assured them that his contacts know of a man that fits the description. C-Note shows them the picture and YASSS! There is such a man but his name is: Kaniel Outis. Linc remembers he had seen that name on the inside of the jacket he was wearing. Sheba obviously hates this Kaniel guy and walks out.

They get him.

*Drums roll*

It is the legend, the storm, the conniving son of a devil, architect of all escapes, evil genius, and most loyal brother ever, Michael to the Scoffield!

Linc asks C-Note to video it.

Michael takes a look at both of them and says he knows not them. Come on! “We did miracles in your name, performed signs, we …”  Linc seems to want to say but Michael is heading back to his jail.

MICHAEEEEEEEEL! We all scream with Linc.

The credits are rolling already.

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