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The chemistry continues between Sheba and Linc and C-Note comes to tell him to abandon Michael as ISIL keeps on advancing towards on Sana’a as they are breaking through the check points. The guards are frightened and are set to run.

The Christian zealot, Cross, plans to use Ramal as hostage if the terrorists eventually overrun the city.

Michael tells them he left something in the wall of one of the cells and it happens to be in Ramal’s cell and he refuses to cooperate as he is still angry that Michael had lied to him.

T-Bag trails Poseidon, Kellerman, to his house.

The Sheik of light goes to see an old friend who is a judge and he gives Linc a full pardon for Michael for the prize of a car.

In solitary, Ramal still refuses to work together (because really Michael is one bad ass traitor but then Ramal is a monster).

T-Bag pulls a gun on Kellerman by letting him reveal where he keeps it hidden before stepping out of the shadows (cool from Theodore Bagwell). He first whips him with a punch for exonerating all the others except him, and then he questions him about the hacking, the prosthesis surgery and Kaniel Outis.

Agent Kishida who works with Kellerman is visited by the twins of coolness (A&W and Gogh).

The guards are all running away to save their skins as Lincoln gets to the prison; he sends al-Tunis (sheik of light) back to the others and heads into the prison.

 Lincoln is told that the man he just passed has the keys when he demands that the gate be opened, he gives chase.

Cross suggests to the other prisoners that they get Ramal and use him as a bargaining chip.

(Dialogue credit: Ramal and Michael)

M: Ramal, do you want to rethink happiness?

R: All the other infidels can go to hell!

M: We are already in hell, the question is; do you want out?

The prisoners meanwhile are trying to smash their way into solitary.

The terrorists catches up with the guard and asks for papers as his wears reveal him as a prison guard, they kill him as he tries to get his gun. Lincoln hides behind a wall and sees the ring of keys.

Kellerman explains to T-Bag that Poseidon is a legend in the CIA, a rogue operative and he has been on the wanted list for very long but hasn’t been found.

Michael instructs Ramal how he would free a pipe using a string and a spoon he hid in one of the loose bricks, he eventually manages it. Cross is beating Sid to pulp and that bear- gang guard stops him as he shoots in the air, he is eventually killed by Cross who now uses his gun to shoot the door that separates Michael from them. Ramal is still behaving like himself and tries to get himself out, he eventually cooperates and they get out of their cells just in time before the prisons break through.

Linc uses the kid that delivers the messages to mislead the ISL men and gets the keys.

Michael gets Ramal to place a call to his men to arrange for full tank vehicles at a precise location.

(Dialogue credit: Paul Kellerman to T-Bag)

“Those men, they have the blood of thousands on their hands, compared to them, me and you are angels”. Paul gets shot through the glass window and T-Bag is hit as well, he runs to the bunker and (of all things I have seen in this mad show) he calls 911!

Cross still hunting for them chases them to a dead end and they hide in a cell, Sid picks an improvised weapon that falls from an inmate Cross killed and he jumps Cross, stabbing him in the chest.

Lincoln opens the prison and gets in just as Michael and the rest climb out of the prison, using the wall. He rushes out to find him.

Kellerman does one last act of goodness as he tries to mislead them that T-Bag went out through the back door, he tells Gogh that he his living a lie and gets another bullet for his trouble. The twins of coolness leave as the police arrive but they don’t see T-Bag trailing them.

Michael tells Ja to walk away because he stops to eat from an abandoned cart; he then pushes him angrily and tells Ramal to have his men shoot him if he follows them. They leave Ja, who unfolds a piece of paper that Michael left when he shoved him, it has the message: “Our Way Out Is Under The Work Bench” and a map on the other side.

They are double crossed by Ramal who has his men waiting. He pulls a knife and asks one of his men to get a camera; he wants to make a live video of him killing Michael. Linc gets the machine gun mounted on the truck as he knocks off the man guarding it, Ramal still has the knife to Michael’s throat and tells him to leave the truck, Whip steps up slowly to them, talking about how he killed a guy with his own knife in a bar fight, Ramal points the knife at him and Whip twists his arm and stabs him. Linc kills the others.

T-Bag snaps the twins of coolness as they meet with none other than Jacob.

Whip asks Michael who Linc is and he answers that it is his brother, they hug and they see themselves on TV as the video showed them killing Ramal and his men. Sid translates that the entire army of ISIL has declared war on them.

Credits start to roll.

PS: I still can’t understand how Linc knocked the guy at the machine gun unconscious and how he managed to shoot only the terrorists who were standing too close to the prisoners without mistakenly hitting them. So, Jacob is Poseidon? Did Van Gogh finish Kellereman off as all I heard was the shot mad not its effect? And I think Gogh doubts the mission more and more.

by Obinna Jones

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