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Michael writes out some Arabic from the new tattoos he’s got and sends it out of the prison with a bubble gum by using a paper plane. The kid delivers the note but is caught by Lincoln who was either laying in wait (I don’t know how he could have known the kid was coming) or coming in from outside. The kid tells them that it is the bubble gum man that sends it. He gets a whole pack of tic-tac from Linc, who is now called tic-tac man. They find out that the message is a map, though Sheba says she is leaving to help her family get out of Sana’a and the Yemen, Linc convinces her that he will buy plane tickets for them all and there is another moment of ‘we should kiss’ that I think is getting mushy mushy for our big tough Lincoln Burrows.

Whip is losing is mind in the prison.

They find the place Michael pointed out in the map and see he has plans of breaking Abu Ramal out too.

In the prison, Sid is caught by Abu Ramal’s men and he is nearly strung to death but then Michael tells him to let him go and that beard gang guard shoots in the air and restores part parity and the kind of peace you see in a prison containing the most dangerous prisoners.

Van Gogh and A&W watches pictures of Sara as she reads Michael’s message, Gogh has doubts about their mission and 21 Void. Jacob (still playing cheerful and innocent partner which I don’t still buy into sef) gets told that they are moving to his parents’ Lake house. T-Bag corners her in the rest room and tells her he knows about Kaniel Outis and suggests they work together, she threatens to kill him if he shows up near her again then she sees that her phone had been hacked.

A man who was in solitary with Michael tells Whip that he will be betrayed and should help him.

They meet with Omar again and now they want passports for Linc and Michael. They decide to split, Linc with Sheba to get the passports and C-Note with the Sheik of lights to do something about the lights.

Sara meanwhile goes to a mobile store and asks the engineer to help her find who hacked her phone.

Whip confronts Michael about the guy who told him the things about solitary. He promises him they are not going to let Raman out and an argument breaks out, which leads to a scuffle and the guards intervene; Michael steals the guard’s watch and then whispers something to Ramal.

Linc and Sheba gets the passports but they are caught by the one eyed ISIL militant that had stopped them when they had been trying to get the Sheik of light.

His cell mates air their doubts and Michael explains to them that they are crucial to the escape plan he has. The guards come in to search for the watch in their cell but don’t find it, the prison comes under lockdown.

Cyclops interrogates Sheba and reminisces on how he has been waiting for her since grade school but she points out that he had tried to rape her. He beats her up.

A&W and Gogh finds the engineer’s place and roughs him up and they find Sara hiding across the street from them (I don’t know if hiding includes leaving oneself in plain sight when she could have easily seen them as they walked in and be long gone before they figure out the trap she laid for them). They chase her to the roof top where she finds a garbage truck just below, when they get there they see the truck leaving and believe she jumped (I too did) but she was just hiding right on the roof. They complain about Poseidon not letting them just kill her.

Sara is told that her own thumb print was used to hack her phone then she remembers Kellerman persuading her to drink from a glass cup and stop drinking from her bottle when she went to see him. Jacob tells her to go to the University, she calls T-Bag and asks him if he is willing to go the distance and he replies:

(Dialogue credit  T-Bag) “I am made of the distance, honest sucker. I. Am. The distance”.

She tells him to visit Kellerman.

The guards find the watch in Raman’s pocket.

C-Note and the Sheik eventually kill the power and the escape is up people! Meanwhile, Ramal and his people overpower the guards and get their weapons; the Christian Zealots also head to their cell as the knife a guard and get his keys.

Linc breaks the door and gets in just before Cyclops succeeds in raping Sheba, he knocks him unconscious. He contacts C-Note to get to the rendezvous for Michael.

The Christians get Sid and Ramal catches up with them and his men kill one of the Zealots.

Michael, Whip and Ja make it to the roof but the guards catch them.

C-Note gets to the location in time to see Michael and his friends being matched to solitary confinement.

A depressed Michael sends a video message to Sara and the battery of Ja’s phone dies. (They don’t let you charge phones in Yemen prisons obviously).

The credits roll out.

PS: I hoped Michael had a contingency plan if they were caught trying to escape, but now, I am not so sure. The Chemistry between Linc and Sheba is undeniable, but I don’t like it.

by Obinna Jones

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  1. Thanks for the update but I would rather wait for the to finish it and buy it from the Alaba bois….. Can’t stand the suspense for a week.

    1. It has ended since Tuesday. It has only 9 episodes. But I’m enjoying this read. I’ll finish reading all episodes here again!

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