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Review: GOT Season 7 - E1 - elsieisy blog - Game of Thrones

*Spoiler’s Alert*

A Game of Thrones S07E01.

Theme: Dragonstone.

Winter came for House Frey and it wears the skin of Arya Stark as she kills every male that mean a damn thing (her words) by poisoning their wine while wearing Lord Frey’s face. “Tell them the North remembers” she tells one of his several premature wives.

Bran and Meera get to the wall and he convinces Tollet that he is really a Stark and they are allowed inside, telling him things he has seen through his eyes.

Jon tells the lords gathered at Winterfell about the effect of dragonglass on Whiewalkers and informs them that everyone, man and woman, from age 10 to 60 would be taking up arms. Sansa suggests that the castles of the Umbers and Karstarks should be given to other loyal houses who unlike them fought at the ‘battle of the bastards’ but Jon refuses and instead receives their pledge to align once again. In private, Sansa assures him that he has her loyalty but advices him to be smarter than their dead father and brother. They receive a raven from King’s Landing that demands for the North’s submission.

Jamie reminds Cersei that they need allies if they are to stand a chance to survive and also advices her to abandon thinking of moving against the North in the approach of Winter, she tells him they would win a dynasty for themselves as they have no more surviving children and excluding Tyrion, they are the last Lannisters that matter. She shows him that she invited the Greyjoys, Eur as their king and almost the whole of their Iron Fleet to King’s Landing. Eur tells the queen that his niece took his best ships and gave them to Daenerys Targaryen and how he is now an expert sailor. He proposes to marry Cersei who declines the proposal, he promises to return to win her trust with a priceless gift.

At the Citadel, Sam works tirelessly, disposing waste of people with deadly diseases and he sees a book behind the restricted area of the library and eventually steals it and finds the location of a natural deposit of dragonglass in Dragonstone (it should have been obvious that dragonglass and a place called Dragonstone would be mutually inclusive). He sends a message to Jon and while going about his normal dirty job he comes across Ser Jorah in one of the cells who asks for Daenerys’ whereabouts and he is now a well developed Stoneman.

Lord Petyr Baelish still sly as ever, asks Sansa what she wants that can make her happy but then the appearance of Brienne makes him leave, Sansa tells her that she knows exactly what Littlefinger wants.

In Riverlands, Arya comes across Ed Sheeran and his company of soldiers, Lannister soldiers, and tells them her mission to King’s Landing is to kill the queen and they laugh over it.

The Hound’s skeptical view of the Lord of Light changes when he sees a vision in the fire that Thoros shows him and he seems to be on some sort of redemption road which I can only forgive if it also redeems the ugly half of his face. He buries the body of a man and child found dead in an abandoned house in which they had sheltered.

And now, Daenerys Targaryen arrives at Dragonstone wiyh her hand, Tyrion and her army, mother of dragons, Stormborn, breaker of chains, leader of the unsullied is on her way to clear the South and what more do you want to hear?

“Shall we begin?”

PS: Tyrion Lannister has not so much as uttered a single sentence in this new season but I can feel it coming and why the hell is Mr. Martin still keeping Nymeria away from Arya? I would so love to see Ed die at the hands of Arya sha.

by Obinna Jones

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  1. not to be a critic but this isn’t a review. if anything it’s more like a summarization. And again (I feel the need to strongly emphasize this) I’m not trying to troll you or anything.

    1. Thank you, Larry for your observation. Will sharpen it next episode. Thank you for reading.

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