Researchers rediscovered new bird in China

Many bird species are more often heard than they are seen through their unique bird calls. Most birds have some sort of ability to make sounds, which they use for several different reasons, including attracting potential mates, claiming and signaling territories, making alarm calls and deterring nearby predators.

Researchers have rediscovered the Sichuan bush warbler in China, a bird species largely unknown to biologists. The researchers said this highly secretive bird has unique call that distinguishes it from other local species.sichuan-bush-warbler-discovered-in-china-2

As per the researchers, this rare species favors dense forests full of scrubby vegetation. Members of the species have been seen in five provinces in China. The researchers did genetic analysis of the birds and found that they are closely related to the russet bush warbler.

The russet bush warbler makes its home in the same regions as the recently identified species. The researchers believe that the two species last shared a common ancestor about 850,000 years.The species was first identified by an international team of scientists that includes scientists from the US, China, Sweden, Vietnam and the United Kingdom.

Pamela Rasmussen, assistant curator at the Michigan State University Museum said that the Sichuan bush warbler is very secretive and complex to spot because of its preferred habitat is dense brush and tea plantations. Rasmussen also said that it differentiates itself because of its distinctive song that consists of a low-pitched drawn-out buzz, followed by a shorter click, repeated in series.

Source – Newsmaine

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