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Lonely roads

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Writer and spoken word poet William Ifeanyi Moore releases debut novel, Lonely Roads.

Lonely roads

Afam Udema is an outcast in 19th century Aboh seeking escape from loneliness in a relationship with the daughter of a rich slave merchant. Unfortunately, her father plans to strengthen his family ties with the royals by marrying her off to the Obi’s son. As their love affair grows, Afam finds himself in danger of being killed or kidnapped into slavery by his lover’s father. In a world where social class and reputation is everything, all must decide just how far they are willing to go to get what they want.

Lonely roads

William Ifeanyi Moore uses the medium of storytelling through this novel to explore a range of themes ranging from classism, the perception of the African woman, African identity, the conditioning of slaves, and the subjective nature of human realities. While there is a central character that holds the story together, each character is developed to represent something different as an expression of how each of us face our own journey in life even if linked by relationships and shared life events.

William Moore

William Ifeanyi Moore is a pharmacist by training (University of Portsmouth) but has been writing as soon as he could hold up a pen. Lonely Roads is his debut novel. His writing has been featured on various publications including NBCC, Omenka, The Naked Convos,, Venture Africa, Elsieisy and BellaNaija. He is currently working on his second book and a poetry mime. He is a freelance writer and some of his works can be read on his website

William Ifeanyi Moore will be touring secondary schools and universities to talk about the relevance of literature in contemporary Nigeria and the notion of African identity in a culturally global world.

To place orders for the book or arrange for an appearance contact:

William Ifeanyi Moore


Lonely Roads is available in major bookstores including The Hub (Shoprite Lekki), Glendora (Ikeja City Mall), Terrakulture Bookshop (Victoria Island), The Jazz Hole (Ikoyi) and Patabah Bookshop (Surulere) and Lantana Books (Victoria Island). It can also be ordered online for delivery via and will shortly be available for electronic download on Amazon and Okada Books.

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