Raunchy Friday: Why won’t you eat me out?

raunchy friday

‘Why won’t you eat me out’ as written and shared by Jerry Chi, read below:

Yea, let’s talk physical contact, particularly the hitherto unconventional variety. Ladies of today have made it a point of duty to demand that their partners take their heads further down to “where the joy is”. As a matter of fact, it’s not strange to complain these days when he doesn’t…..as if it is now a national issue. Aisha and Nneka and Folake want more than the usual now, they want to clutch their man’s head in reaction to….err, never mind. Funny how decades ago, experiments of this nature were regarded as ‘sinful’. Well I still know some clergymen who are of the view that having the woman on top during the Swimming Among Sheets is a ticket to eternal damnation, but I digress.I get it, it’s cool to try out new things, you know, using your lips to perform the role of the charger in the socket. I see no problem with it at all, and personally I think it’s a nice mode of non-verbal communication, so long as you do not go on to bite what you should simply lap with your tongue and lips (though a little nibbling helps to mix things up). In the remix of Jidenna’s hit “Classic Man”, Kendrick Lamar said something about “eating it for his nourishment”. Unique diet, I must say, even if I cannot honestly say where that would fit into the six main classes of food.My issue, however, is how a good number of ladies want to turn a simple act of pleasure into a compulsory procedure, especially when there are a number of factors to consider. First off, it is imperative to consider the dentition of he whom thou asketh to set head unto thine thighs. You don’t want someone with Dracula fangs or “akon” (as the Esan people call it) to just give diving header, the result is better imagined.Besides, that portion of the body is exposed to much bacteria, and you cant expect us guys to just scoop infection with our tongue na. Hygiene is important….if in finding my nose there by chance, I perceive something like fish water, or water from clothes soaked for three days, why will I want to apply my red lips and long tongue there? Hian! Herpes is real o…..there is even that one called Oral Cancer sef.Again, I may just have eaten peppery ram suya without drinking water….so Jane and Nina, I know it feels good, but take it easy in your demands. Uneasy lies the head that plies the moist bushes!*dials priest to book confession*

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