Post-side-chick Syndrome

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By Nora Oma Patrick.

You see ehn, just look around you; you see some of these women that whenever their husbands laugh, they turn to look at the source of his laughter.

Whenever their husbands blink, they want to know if he blinked because another woman’s mascara enter his

They question his account details just to ensure that he is not spending on another woman. Of course they have to; after all everything they had as a single lady, from their cars to their cloths, were given to them by another woman’s husband.Post-side-chick Syndrome - elsieisy blog

You need to go through them to say ordinary good morning to their husbands. If you don’t get permission, then you are sleeping with him.

They are always paranoid!

post-side-chick-syndrome-elsieisy-blogEvery woman wants to sleep with their husband. Their husband wants to sleep with every woman. Every woman is a potential husband snatcher! Always fighting invincible women that only exists in her imagination!

The man is always under a surveillance, he is always being investigated by her.

Yes those women! Look at some of them very well. This aggressive, over bearing protection of their husbands, are not driven by the natural survival instincts to protect their territory/marriage, the love for their husbands or the fear of losing him. Not all.

The sole motivation for some of them is their past! Yes!Some of them used to be dedicated side chicks!

They dated married men when they were still single, and of course old things are passed away, their Virginity miraculously restored to them; but somehow they are still paranoid that another babe will do the same thing to them!They are paranoid that their husbands can also do the same thing to them!

Igbo people say that someone who beheads as a profession, will never ever allow another person walk behind them with a knife!

The problem is that some of these insecure women, sometimes insult innocent women in the process, and some of their husbands expect the woman to understand!

They make excuses like my wife is very protective of me! Really? You are now a minor that needs adult protection?

Brothers, before you play that my wife is always protective of me bull shit card with one innocent woman that she probably insulted, be sure that your wife is not suffering from post-side-chick syndrome.side-chick-wahala

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